Theme Reveal – the #AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2023

Will I? Or will I not?

Can I? Should I?

The questions are many and right now, they are all barging into me, even while I write this post. I’ve decided to give the #AtoZ Challenge a go and do something very brave for myself this April.

The reason for this last-minute decision is to push myself to go past my fears (beginning with this one, and then there’s more to the list of other “brave” things I would love to do!!). This is not to prove anything to anyone. This is for ME.

What do you say? Foolhardy? Or brave? I leave you to think whatever you will. At the moment, though, it seems very do-able.

I’ve only once participated in the #AtoZ—that was in 2016 and this year, I’m thinking of doing something really small—like micro-poetry. The Theme will be – LIFE.

So, micro poetry is mostly only three or four lines long. You could say these short pieces are to poetry what micro-flash is to fiction. I’ll play on a thought, a mood or an emotion, while experimenting in writing minimalistic, and practice brevity as well, which isn’t the case with my musings!

I’ve been reading different forms of micro poetry for some time now and given that my blog posts are all mostly personal musings, hopefully, this will allow me to bring in something refreshingly new into the blog, for a change.

Wing it, I hope I shall and live to tell my tale of how it all went, when April ends. 😉

So, please, do stop by the blog and follow my micro posts through April! I’ll be really chuffed if you could leave a kind word or two to let me know what you think of them. The posts will be super short, of course and I’m really hoping to have some fun doing this challenge. I really really hope to revive the blogging spirit and enthuse myself through April, whilst reading all the other amazing posts from all over the world.

Fingers crossed! I pray to the Universe that I’m able to wing it! If you are stopping by the blog today and are also participating in the challenge, here’s wishing you the very best as well!

Cheers to our brave attempts to write through the month of April! All that practice shouldn’t really go in vain, right? 🙂

11 thoughts

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your micro-poetry this month, and thanks for stopping by mine and posting your comments.

  2. Hello brave woman- so happy to see you have joined the gang!! Madness or not, we are doing it now and will push each other. I love the idea of your theme and I know you will do wonders at it.

  3. You can’t lose with this particular challenge. I’ve done it for years and so many times, I make up my mind at the last minute. And then I’m never sorry I did it. I’ll be stopping by from time to time to read about Life. Alana ramblinwitham

  4. I’m go glad you are doing this with us, Esha. Although your theme might sound simple to most people, I know it is vast and can be implemented in so many ways. Looking forward to see some wonderful posts from you. All the best to us.

  5. It is indeed very brave of you, and I am so proud of you for doing this, Esha! Go for it, girl! The universe is here to support you throughout. And I am super glad esp. because you are doing this for yourself. That’s what is missing in our lives most of the time, you know. We don’t do things for ourselves, our happiness.
    Wishing you the best! Looking forward to your poetry and artwork.
    Much love!

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