The Road Ahead


I see the road ahead of me,

Going on forever

Like an endless stretch.

From my doorway, all the way

down the winding turns,

until it meets with other roads

that lead on from elsewhere.

I chase it down all the way

to reach there-

Where all the roads meet.

Will our paths cross?

Will there be time

To pause and reflect,

and find out really

Why things went that way?

Some questions are

perhaps, best left

for time to answer.


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15 thoughts

    1. Absolutely! That element of surprise or uncertainty keeps the mystery alive. Life is full of many such moments of unpredictability…which keeps our hopes alive too!

  1. The poem expressed a deep thought. Some questions are better left for time to answer. But sometimes it has already taken up so much time that weariness arises out of all the waiting. The heart screams mutely from the longing.

    1. That is also true Anamika! Life is a balance between things we need to take control, and things we should let go. Yes, waiting does wear us out many a times…been there too…know the feeling you so beautifully described!

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