SkywatchFriday | Week 7

Somewhere between Heaven and Earth magic happens! If you are a sky lover, you’ll know why I’m saying this!

While many of us are busy at work all day, it’s always a great reminder to unplug every once in a while, stretch ourselves every few hours and snatch a few unhurried moments every day.

At least once a day, we must step outside for a little sunshine and fresh air. It could be a brisk ten-minute morning walk, or a short lunch-time break in the park or even winding down for a leisurely stroll, after work. In short, whatever works.

Mother Nature surprises us in so many different ways. Irrespective of whether we step out of home or stay indoors, there’s never a day when the sky does not work its magic into our souls and fill us with peace and calm.

I remember a friend of mine once telling me how she never had the time to look out of her windows to see the beauty of the sky. She was, however, kind enough to complement me for my sky photos, never forgetting to mention that she was missing such lovely vibrant hues of the skyline that I seemed to enjoy all the time, despite the fact that we lived in the same city.

Honestly, it doesn’t take a lot of time to be mindful for a few minutes at the start and the end of the day.

You not only get to recharge yourself that way, but the quiet that you are able to draw unto yourself, when you hit that pause button, is literally so very priceless!

So, tell me—which category are you? In case you are anything like my friend, I’d ask you to start spending a few mindful minutes at the start and the end of your day. Begin with five minutes and see for yourself. I can promise one thing—you will NOT regret it!

Now, for today’s Photo – I’m sharing a a leaf out of our travel diary, from a family trip that we took a couple of years ago.

It’s a sunset shot from the ramparts of the Nahargarh Fort, that stands on the edge of the Aravallis, overlooking the Pink City in Rajasthan. Along the other two famous forts —the Amer and the Jaigarh forts, Nahargarh formed a strong defence ring for the city. The story goes that the fort was originally named Sudarshangarh, but eventually, acquired its name later, from the word meaning the ‘abode of the tigers‘.

View from Nahargarh Fort: Sunset on the Aravalli range

What do you think of it? Did you see the two parallel contrails above the setting sun? Would love to know your thoughts.

Will be back next week with more sky shots from my part of the world.

Stay safe, folks and wish you all a blessed week.


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10 thoughts

  1. What a stunning view. I remember once being trapped at the Amer fort-_ I took the wrong route, and was able to reach the wall, but not enter without breaking my neck. I was forced to sit back and focus, and your post brought back that memory. I try to do this exercise several times a day these days. I don’t always succeed.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous, Esha. I agree with you, no one will regret taking a few minutes out of their busy day to watch the magic that unfolds in the sky. Sky is my favorite place, and sky watching is my favorite activity. These are moments when the universe conveys its love to us. 💕
    Looking forward to seeing more sky photos on your blog, Esha.

  3. What a magnificent shot!! I don’t always get to watch the sunset, and I rarely wake up for sunrise, but I do go out and watch the moon almost every night, and just gaze up at the skies whenever I step out on to the balcony. Nature truly is wonderful!

  4. What a beautiful view. I haven’t seen sunrise in a long time. But I definitely try to see sunset everyday. In summer it clashes with my cooking time, so you can imagine how many burnt sabji I have served because I would be lost in the colors of the sky. 😄

    1. Haha… trust you to say that, Rajlakshmi! I’ve been there too. Far too many times. The view is what really matters, I say. Everything else can wait. 😅

  5. A beautiful sky shot!!
    I have to get outside for at least a little bit every day regardless of the weather.

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