Beautiful Blue Skies #Skywatch

Last Friday, I was showing my cousin around the city. She was in town for a short break and spent a weekend with us so it was mandatory that I’d soend time with her and show her around. We covered the key landmarks and ended it with a buggy tour of the Lalbagh Gardens. I guess, we had more things to talk about than the places to see, so thanks to our best efforts to avoid peak hour traffic, we did manage to do some quality catching up. The sisters day out turned out to be great.

This gave me a welcome break from my regular chores and a breather from my routine which I lapped up with glee. But, what was best was that I got to capture some gorgeous blue skies which I’m sharing today.

We started with the Sri Big Bull Temple at Basavanagudi. Both shots were taken before we entered the temple.

The temple has a giant rock-cut monolith of Nandi, the Bull inside that one must see. We did the pradakshina around what is said  to be the biggest statue of Nandi, anywhere in the world amd then, came out to soak in the winter sun.

After clicking a few pictures around the temple compound, we made our way out. The drive in the car took us around the Vidhana, Cubbon Park and Ulsoor Lake for a brief glimpse of must-visit places around the city. I must say, we were lucky, because the sky showed up in hues of beautiful blue and the shots will tell you more.

At Lalbagh, the buggy tour was great as it helped us avoid the strong midday sun and it covered most of everything that was there to see. Below are some of the pics from the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

And, before leaving, here is this week’s gorgeous sunset shot.

Stay happy, healthy and mindful, and as I always say, do take some time out to enjoy the sky in your part of the world, weather permitting.

Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where people post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.) In case you’re interested, here are my previous #SkywatchFriday posts. Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


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    1. Oh, thanks for that, Parul. I think if you are keen to do a buggy tour, do wait until the maintenance work is over so you get to see the garden in all its beauty!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Arvind. I too think that looking up shot of the temple gopuram is one of my fav ones. Need to do a photo tour of Bangalore someday soon. The season is just perfect for one, right now but time is tight these days. Lets see.

  1. I love Bangalore and have visited the city many times. My daughter studied here for 5 years and my yearly visits made me fall in love with its clear blue skies and the pleasant weather. Your day sounds great. the pictures are awesome, the sunset looks spectacular.

    1. Oh, thanks Sulekha. Yes, most people who visit Bangalore love it. Its only those of us who live here will rue the fact that its getting more polluted and the roads congested.

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