#SkywatchFriday – 25

After a week-long break, I’m back today with another post of SkywatchFriday. It has been a very hectic week and I have no clue how we got over the past week because apart from a bad bout of migraine that left me useless for three days in a row, I’ve been neck deep over the remaining days, inundated with work, chores and planning for the weekend to come, and more so, with preparations for our big annual festivities for the Durga Puja that kicks off tomorrow!

Jay is back from an outstation office trip and Arjyo is thrilled beyond measure because his semester exams or the SAs (summative assessments) get over today. In fact, right now, as I’m typing the post, I can almost see the gleeful faces as they are let loose in the school compound, having been “strapped” to books these past few weeks! The school bus that ferries them home only leaves with the kids an hour later, so they get that hour to play and enjoy to their hearts’ content. Arjyo has been ‘eyeing’ the new Harry Potter book I’ve got for him the day before yesterday, (keeping my word of gifting him something if he did well in the last FAs). Did I tell you, he did us all proud by scoring really well in his last exams. So, I had to let him have his well-earned prize!

The day the book arrived, I promptly hid it in the cupboard, but he smelt a rat when I ignored his pleas about the book that same evening. I think he had seen the message from Amazon on my phone and kept pestering me if the book had arrived. Finally, I let him have a sneak peak at it last evening and he was so thrilled.

Oh, the joys of being a child! It takes so little to make them happy and for a bookworm like him nothing could be a better gift. I get inspired by his enthusiasm and in moments like these, I think I actually live my childhood through him! Today, I saw him planning the class party with utmost precision, careful to carry all the snacks and making sure they’re enough for all his friends. The excitement in his stride was palpable.  Apparently, last time, they ran out of nachos, so, this time, he ensured they were enough for the group of six -the gang that always sticks together through thick and thin! I remembered the day before our vacations. Excitement can be so contagious. Even I felt I was having my last exams today!!

This morning, I finally decided to put in my post and here is the sky shot from the week for the viewing pleasure of you, dear friends! For me, of course, they are a way of documenting the photos week by week, so here it is:


With that, I take your leave, dear friends! Wish you all a very happy weekend! For everyone who celebrates Dussehra, I wish you the very best during this festive time, as you get together with family and friends and celebrate.

Would be lovely to hear about how your week went and if you are planning anything special over the weekend. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great time and relax as much. See you again soon!🙂

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  1. Nice to hear from you with Skywatch post today. You having recovered from migraine, Arjyo’s exams getting over and the whole family geting re-united just before the festive times, happier times have come 🙂 There is so much to this post in addition to that lovely red sky.

    1. Thanks so much, Anamika. Seems like I had a very long break from blogging. I’m writing something on Durga Puja but not sure how and when to complete it as I’ll be caught up with the festival over the next three days. Yes, a huge sense f relief after a long long time for all of us. Arjyo is so thrilled to go back and play with his gang of friends after almost a month of intense studies! Your appreciation means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. Excitement is so palpable.. I felt like having my own exams over while reading this.. love books..
    Happy Dusshera to you too.. I am looking forward to visiting my relatives over the weekend.. we would be making a short trip to our village too.. 🙂

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