Seeing through the cracks

Good Morning! How are you doing this Monday morning?

A little thought for myself and for everyone who is reading this today, as we begin another busy week ahead. I’ve had a wonderful weekend and have actually had a good time catching up with a friend who came visiting after almost a year. What’s more, I even found the time to catch up on my reading —something I’m totally chuffed about. So, if you wish to know what went wrong, I will admit I’m clueless.

Having wrapped up on a positive note last night, I was naturally a bit surprised and disappointed to wake up feeling drained, depressed and totally out of sorts. Not my usual positive self at all, I was also lacking in energy and felt I could see all my cracks sticking out sorely, reminding me of things that I’m happy to forget and move on.

I avoid such thoughts as a general rule. But, I hate this happening on a Monday morning because it upsets my routine. The morning ritual is a great help on such days. The five rounds of walking in the park usually works wonders for me to get over my sluggishness followed by a 30 minute-session of yoga to infuse energy back into my mind, body and soul. This should have worked on a normal day, but won’t for some reason, today. I think still not good enough to bring back the positivity. Tell me, do you have days like this?

I know being grateful enormously helps! So, today, I’m telling myself about all the amazing things that I’m blessed with. I’m beginning with a burst of positive reinforcements and accepting my cracks just as they are. Perhaps everyone is a little broken. Nobody is whole but what makes a difference is what we choose to do with it. I’m setting an intention for the day to do something positive, to tackle my demons and ensure they don’t control me instead. I’m being grateful for having a loving family, a beautiful day to start my day with and an amazing band of fellow bloggers and writers who continue to inspire me through their words, as I deal with my ups and downs.

I’m deeply indebted to blogging because it makes me reflect, think and write on bad days and makes me see my cracks and still smile because I can see there is light at the other end, all I need is to give myself some time.

The cracks are there for a reason, don’t you think?


How do you deal with such a day? What’s that one thing that never fails to lift the spirit when you’re faced with one?

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  1. Frankly I am deeply indebted to blogging too.. iT has done wonders to my personality, my perceptions in life and general mental health! And on days when I am generally feeling low, reading and writing a blog, has the powers to change my mood too

    1. That’s good to hear from you Ramya! Glad I’m not the only one who seeks and finds solace in blogging and writing. Sharing in this joy with people who might be far far away from oneself is a great feeling!:)

  2. Wonderful post Esha! Especially love the title. Everyone do face hurdles in life but getting ahead of those and moving on with the life is where the real courage is.

  3. That is a cracking quote, Esha. And at the end of the day, no matter how hard it sounds, being positive is what helps us get through it all.
    And we all have those days where we wake up feeling a lot worse than we did when we went to bed. But hey, we have got to rise and shine, come storm or rain.

    1. Glad to see you here, Sid! Thanks for the positive boost. I cannot but agree with you— come rain or shine we’ve got to rise. That’s what life is all about! 🙂

  4. Ur post boosted me…I just loved the quote ….one crack doesn’t mean u r broken….very nice

  5. Happens to even the best of persons… But what counts most is did we try to come out of it. The feeling of gratitude always helps… It’s makes us see the light in the cracks. I too have similar days, when nothing works to uplift my mood. I just watch a comedy sketch and that works most of the time.

  6. Wonderful read and I am thinking why I didn’t read it in the morning. I had a busy and hectic day. This is so inspiring and thought provoking. I agree with you that some cracks are necessary to appreciate everything else. 🙂

    1. Glad to know that it inspired, Deepa. I love to share my thoughts (never mind good and bad days!) and often feel I shouldn’t hesitate to express my innermost feelings in a blogpost.

  7. We all have such days, sometimes I have stretches where I end up feeling so sad and depressed. What buoys me, is a firm grip on all the good things happening around me. Like you said, I start reflecting on all that is going right. A long chat with someone chirpy or even a shopping binge helps me chase away the blues. Yes we all have such days. Rise and shine dear friend 🙂

    1. We do, Kala. I know we all have days like this. Coffee with a friend on such days sounds nice. I’ve just found out that retail therapy no longer works for me these days. Thanks for your lovely words again. 🙂

  8. Some days are such, you wake up feeling low. On those dapys I feel like doing nothing, that doing anything isn’t good enough, that nothing will help. Last week I had one such day for no reason and because I’m busy with kids I couldn’t do anything to take care of me. Next day I woke up feeling good. So there’s that. Staying grateful, writing my heart out, talking to someone who understands the feeling, all these help in minimizing that feeling of low. Yes, the cracks are necessary without which how would we find the light and air to keep us whole the next time we feel low!
    Beautifully written thoughts, Esha.

    1. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, Vinitha. I too have days when I wake up feeling upbeat and positive after a bad day, again, without any apparent reason. I too agree that those cracks are needed for light and air to enter our souls. So good to see you stop by at the blog. 🙂

  9. Cracks show us we are real .We are survivors.It happens to all of us on diffrent days.Writing helps me too on such days .Love your morning routine.I personally write a thankfulness post every week just to beat this particular blue feeling.

    1. You’re right, Amrita. Glad to know you too find bliss in writing on such days. The idea of a thankfulness post is such a nice one! I’m thinking of doing something similar on a regular basis. Lets see.

  10. I know why I woke up still feeling a bit sad today morning, but I accept that too. 🙂 It’s part and parcel of life. Happiness and sadness. I reminded myself what I’m grateful for after reading your post. And yes, blogging is definitely one of them.

    1. It is, Vinay! You’re right. That happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin is something I’m realising over the years! They exist together bound each to each as an inevitable part of our existence. Glad to know that gratitude comes to your rescue too! Some days that’s all we need to accept and move on.

  11. The quote is so powerful. Downs can happen to the best of us and the worse is that it catches us in the morning when we open the eyes, Esha. It’s okay to fall at times. Cracks keep happening despite that things can be upbeat. We are humans.

    1. Glad you say so, Vishal. somedays it gets me so down that its a struggle to pick myself up, but somedays, I know I will rise and get moving with whatever resources I have within me. You’re so right, cracks are always there and yet we move on, rather despite them.

      1. It keep happening to me. But, I’ve been able to reason and filter out guilt when the mind behave abnormally. It’s not one’s doing but external pressure from somewhere else!

  12. Thought provoking post. I have kind of believed that cracks are needed to let the light pass through because walls are the hindrance to the light flowing. I went through such days in a row last week when nothing to seemed to move about, not even my mind. I couldn’t read, not even the lighter ones, couldn’t work on my latest project (you know what it is) and couldn’t lose a single gram. I just felt stuck without a reason. Talking with the neighbour on the evening walk helped. Her encouragement and motivation worked.

    1. Thanks for stopping y and sharing your thoughts, Anamika. I totally understand your state of mind as you described, from the week gone by. It happens dear. We’re all struggling on so many counts, day in and day out. As long as we know we are trying, and not giving up, we are progressing. It is the darkest before dawn, so you know when we go through the lows, it will be high again. Its a cyclical process. Glad your neighbour encouraged you. I feel the same when my blogging friends put in warm positive thoughts before me on my bad days. Thankfully, I’ve blogged through my worst moods this week. 🙂

  13. Its lovely. It made me think about the number of cracks I withstand. Thanks for this. It made Monday a happy one.

    1. Thank you so much, Upasna. To be able to reach out to someone in a positive way is what makes everything worthwhile. Your words just made my day. Have a fantastic day ahead. <3

  14. Such a lovely positive post Esha ! I know it takes immense strength to put one self together again and move on . I discovered that the loveliest people are the ones who are burnt , broken and torn at the seams and yet send their hearts out into the world to mend !
    You inspire me to smile at every chance I get . Its not that life has been easy, perfect or exactly as I dreamed of … far from it . But I choose to be happy and grateful for all the good times and for the problems I know I don’t have .
    In the final countdown .. its not what life takes away from you that matters … its what you make from whats left ! Congratulations dear !

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts here, Aru’di. Sometimes, when I look back I can only see the dark days and then I remind myself of all the beautiful things that I’m surrounded with and as I count my blessings, everything changes for good. You are such an inspiration for me, always, as it was back then during the Kara days. I’m learning so much from my blogger and writer friends everyday. The last three lines make so much sense to me. Wise words from a wise friend always to remind me to keep my focus on and move ahead in life ! Life is indeed beautiful! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog and sharing your thoughts, Shailaja. Yes, I agree the cracks do make us beautiful and each story reminds us not to take things for granted. Wishing you too a wonderful and productive week ahead! 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Arti! I am already feeling better. Hope you’re having an amazing day ahead. A little appreciation goes a long way in inspiring us to look for the rainbow amidst the rain.

  15. I try take the path of gratitude on such days. I remind myself what and who matter. I can’t control what others think anout me but as long as those who I love know me and accept me as who I am, I keep on foot infront of the other and keep going. Thanks for reminding me about this today as I go back to work in a place which honestly hasn’t done any good to my self confidence. But I’m going to keep trying:)

    1. Your words make me feel so much better, Nabanita. Thanks for the assurances. I hope and wish you can fill in every minute at work with enough positive thoughts to last you through the day and more. Have a fulfilling week ahead!

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