My Word Of The Year for 2020 | #WOTY

Until very recently, like most people, I too was a firm believer of making resolutions which I’d beautifully handwrite in notebooks and fancy diaries, that came as gifts in the new year. Ironically, after the initial first few weeks, those lovely plans of mine would dissipate into thin air, as would the goals for the year. Because, when life gets in the way, usually, things have a way of going kaput! 

Last year, inspired by many of my blogger friends, I broke the trend by coming up with an alternative to making resolutions. Guided by ‘FLOW’ as my word of the year, I found myself learning to dance in the rain, letting go what was not meant for me, and living life one day at a time in the face of unpredictability. As the days rolled into months, I felt the power of the word permeate through my being, eventually leading me on to embrace change, become more accepting of the unpredictability of life as I faced my own vulnerability when I braved the loss of a loved one. I saw up close how fragile life was and it changed me in a way that I had never anticipated. In the end, when I emerged out of 2019, all I wanted was to use my experiences as a catalyst for change this year. 

And, so, instead of watching out for what life is going to throw at me, this year I will be focussing on what I am putting into my life, especially in the everyday moments. 

Last year, the word ‘Flow’ brought me wisdom and acceptance. But it also made me aware how our time in this world slips by faster than we think or realise.

With that in mind, I decided that 2020 will be the year for me to create new experiences by immersing myself deeply into every realm of activity that I’m connected with—be it writing, blogging, art, photography, hobbies, skills and the countless things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. In a constantly distracted world, I am constantly striving to keep my focus as I reset new goals in alignment with my word of the year. 

Why ‘IMMERSE’…? 

Maybe, because my instinct says it will bring me energy, vitality, depth and a positive life force. 

Somebody once said, that even the most ordinary life can be lived in the most extraordinary ways, if only we know how to tap into our latent skills and capabilities—things that do not cost us much except the will to bring them to fruition and realisation. Going by that alone, I’d say I’m super excited to see how this year will unfold for me. This is not to say that I cannot see challenges ahead. In fact, I’m certain there are many but I’m not going to let that thought faze me.

So, with part fear, part excitement, and a humble prayer on my lips, I’m stepping into 2020, promising to live in the moment, immersing myself in all that I do, with only one promise—whatever comes, I will not let this be another ordinary year, for sure! 

Tell me, do you have a word of the year? If so, then do share it in the comments below. I’m curious to know the reasons behind your choice as well.

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  1. First flow and then immerse – incredible words and I really wonder at the journey you must have gone through with the first one. Wish you all the best with this one and it indeed holds the promise of vitality and hope.

  2. I suppose after flowing , immersing yourself is the next logical step for with it you are truly INTO the moment – experiencing every moment of it rather than letting yourself be carried away . I’m sure you will get more control over your life with this word guiding you through the year. Good wishes to you and your family Esha.

  3. That is a lovely word. It is important to put our heart and our efforts to things that we really like. That being said, my word for this year is Prioritize.Wishing that the new year brings you all that you hope for and all the happiness you deserve.

  4. And, I am so glad you decided to make the most of the new year, in fact, make the most of every moment that each new day brings to you!
    It’s 10 days since we spoke last and just a few remain before we connect through our phones, swap notes on what we have been working on to make our presence here worthwhile.
    Love the new look of your blog, and as always, loved each and every word you have typed in here.
    Keep going, Esha. Your energy and enthusiasm is very contagious!

  5. I have set ‘Self-care’ as my word of the year. Iam planning to slow down and take things without much stress this new year. Immerse is a great word. If we immerse ourselves in hobbies, we enjoy them better. Happy new year Esha.

    1. Thank you for sharing your WOTY, Ramya. I think it is a very important step you’re taking in nurturing yourself while you juggle all the other essential elements of your life at this point in time. I sincerely wish you good luck and hope this will encourage you to listen to your heart, mind and soul and tend to it with loving care just as you do for others. Happy New Year, Ramya!

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