My Patchwork of Experiences: Six Months of 2019

“Life is a progress and not a station.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Six months into 2019 and I know you are wondering what I’m going to tell you about my life or the things that happened to me during the past six months. In fact, just like you, I lived my days in exactly the same pace, dealing with the usual stuff that we all deal with, the good, the bad, the nasty and the downright unspeakable! Much though I’d love to say things have been great, the year has thrown in quite a few challenges my way. Despite the constant curve balls that have come in, there’s been one simple thing that has helped me focus on the good and stay positive through it all—the realisation that positivity is something that I need to practice constantly! A bit like what they say about how we need to keep running even to stay in the same place. I’ve been pumping up positivity into my heart and soul like a regular exercise, through the worst of times. Even on days when it has felt like a futile exercise. It has worked like magic on some days and fallen flat on other days. Never quite the same!

I’m choosing to focus on my best experiences this year— especially the ones that made me smile and made my 2019 extra special in the many ways that I wouldn’t have imagined. Like the family wedding at Kolkata that we attended in late January, when had a wonderful time with my extended family over three exciting days of fun and merriment or the surprise trip that spouse had planned for us in April, which meant two-weeks of travel in five of the most beautiful cities in Japan, which was in every way, a mind-blowing experience for all of us. Every little mindful minute spent in the lap of Nature, in stillness, savouring the silence only brought me peace—just the kind that I have sought for a long time; or the weekends we spent as a family, nurturing our souls, delving in art, sharing our innermost thoughts, baring our souls and revealing our vulnerabilities like we’d never had done before—all of these and more, brought me joy, a calmness and a strange sense of contentment. I could never have enough of the moments spent enjoying a quiet hour listening to music, filling myself in with the views of my beautiful sunset skies, as I sat by the living room window, when the turbulence got too much to handle!

On the blogging front, even though I didn’t write or blog much, I was pleasantly surprised to find my blog had made it into the Top Blogs List of 2019, which was a very badly needed boost to my sagging morale.

I am grateful to the connections I made towards the end of last year, with a few close friends that helped me combat many a stressful situation on the home front. Despite the odds, I actually looked forward to our leisurely catch-up once a month and it was always the little notes of encouragement from the friends, the spouse and my mom that kept me going through the bad and difficult days. Here, I must mention about how I also put aside days when I let go of mundane chores to focus on writing, by getting away from home, scribbling on my notepad, tapping away on the keyboard in the quiet confines of a coffee shop, nurturing the dreams of being a published author someday! I must say this is one dream that has sustained me through the odds. 

Another reason that makes my 2019 really special is how it made me realise that I need to STOP being different things to different people ALL THE TIME—because I also need to be ME! The fact is, at this point in time, it does feel like a bit of a challenge to do so, and yet, it has never been so important for my mind, body and soul! 

And, then, the icing on the cake was when we finally moved into our new home. This, happened towards the end of May, after years of planning a dream home and then, after deferring the move itself, because I got into panic mode realising what a humungous thing it was going to turn into! I did lose my sunset sky view as we now have a couple of thunderous highrises blocking my western sky but, I’m not complaining as long as I get to catch the Sunrise. Life is not what I had anticipated but every day, I’m ready to find new ways of savouring life. I do this because that is the only way I can refuel my self, recharge my batteries and stay hopeful. Staying positive is something I’ve been practising every single day. The curve balls haven’t stopped coming. We now have new problems on the health front involving the two sets of parents. It has completely taken over our working weeks and our weekends. The spouse and I haven’t had enough sleep, rest or respite from the constant stressors as we both continue to juggle work, chores and the balance that we all need to sustain ourselves. The odds will be there, but, one thing is for sure. The spouse and I are both determined not to let negativity in. So, we will go down fighting, if that is what it takes.

A few life lessons that I’ve learned over the past six months:

  • No matter how awful we feel about ourselves and our lives, we are better than this. Bad times will not last forever.
  • Chase the things that make us alive. Give ourselves the space to be who we are.
  • Today needs to be lived in the fullest of ways, and not relegated to a distant tomorrow. Live today.
  • We can always find a space to do something kind to ease ourselves when we are in pain. We just have to do it ourselves. And not wait for things to happen to us.
  • Solutions come from where we stand right here, right now. All we got to do is to look for it. Talk to someone and share our troubles.

In a nutshell, these have been the key highlights of life during the last six months of 2019. As I see it, challenges in life will come and go but I’m eager to see what the next six months have in store for me.

So, how has 2019 been for you thus far? I’d love to hear from you about the things that made you smile and perhaps even made it special. What about the things that never quite went as planned? Most importantly, I’d love to hear about the life lessons you’ve picked up along the way, that you’d like to share with the rest of us.  



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47 thoughts

  1. I am pretty sure your next months and the following years would be equally fruitful. Changing into new home is always exciting and invites new prosperity.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Geethica! Yes, hoping for the best in the days to come.

  2. Dear Esha,

    You are one brave heart, with a tenacious spirit and never give up attitude. Keep that beautiful chin held high, and you will definitely power through all the debacles.

    Life will surely ease out, in good time. The focus on positive thoughts is so very essential. That’s the only way we can keep our head bobbing above the water.

    Take very good care. Positive vibes and all good wishes for things to even out and for the remaining six months to be empowering and holistically blessed.

    God speed. <3

    1. Thank you, Natasha! You’re right…it is easy to say we must focus on positive thoughts but HOW to focus is the real challenge!!! Challenges come and go and yet, we must always be in readiness to fice them. There are days when they knock us down and then there are days when we knock them down. I’ve had a mix of both happening this time. Gratitude to the universe that I’m back to writing and blogging and reclaiming my sanity through it all.

  3. My apologies for getting here so late, Esha.
    I admire how you have managed to stay afloat so positively despite all that’s being thrown your way.
    Wishing you and yours the very best in your new home. Love and hugs.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Corinne and for those kind words! It has been a very difficult time for me and while I did manage to stay afloat all this while, and become the saviour for the family, I ended up sick because I realised it was way too much for me to handle. After four days of therapy for my migraine, I decided to come back this Monday to blog once again with renewed energy. Writing is my relief and remedy both!
      P.S. I’m still commenting on the #ZombieBogHop posts so please do bear with me for my delayed responses.

    1. Thank you for the positive vibes and the kind words, Damyanti. So glad you understand why being ME is important. I do hope the rest of 2019 will let that happen.

  4. I always love your writing and the beautiful way you have of reflecting on things and looking for the positives. The Japan trip sounds delightful – I’m hoping the husband and I can make a trip there next year. Sorry to hear about the parents; I hope they recover soon. And congratulations on moving into your own home! Hope you have a beautiful rest of the year. xx

    1. Thank you, Shinjini! Your wishes mean a lot to me and the family. Trying our best to stay hopeful for the rest of 2019!
      Glad to hear you’re planning a trip to Japan. Be prepared to be surprised and for all the good reasons. In fact, you’ll LOVE it! Wishing you a wonderful rest of 2019, too!

  5. You have brought home some beautiful life lessons through this post Esha. Sometimes I feel we never really grow up. All through childhood we needed our parents to push, guide, reprimand and motivate us to move ahead. Now that we are grown up, we still need all of that, only difference is we have to parent ourselves besides those we are responsible for viz. the kids and our parents! That’s why we feel so stressed! I am glad you’ve managed to hang on to the silver linings wherever and whenever possible. Staying positive is not as easy as it may sound. Still, that is all one can do when life keeps churning curve balls. Cheers to a better second half this year. You are doing great you know!

    1. Thank you so much for those wonderful words, dear Kala! I’m discovering real friends during these tough times you know and sometimes, even though people cant do much to ease your pain, it is these little gestures and notes of kindness that give us the strength to go on. It is a challenging week again after a few days of respite from the hospital as my FIL undergoes his 4th surgery in 10 days but we are now taking it one day at a time and of course, staying hopeful that a break in this cycle of turbulence, pain and suffering will come soon. Thanks again and wishing you too a very positive and beautiful 2019.

  6. I always love reading your post, Esha. Always thought provoking! Even when you are facing challenges left, right and center your words are sparked with hope and positivity. It ignites a sense of positivity onto the readers. I wish you all the joy and peace in the coming days, Esha. <3

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Vinitha. I’ve realised that through the most trying of times, when we’re struck with despondency and despair we discover a new source of strength within us that holds us firmly in place, and gives us a new sense of hope and positivity! May the rest of 2019 bring you joy, peace and happiness too, Vinitha.

  7. Loved reading your post Esha. Knowing how things have been at your end, I am immensely proud of the courage that you have to deal with things.
    When things went south for us at the start of the year, I realized I get very nervous but I also stay positive and my belief that things will be better grows stronger. Yes, it takes time to reach that stage but it does.
    Wishing you lovely skies when the Sun rises and happier days ahead.

    1. Thank you for those lovely words, Parul. I’m sorry to say I didn’t know you went through difficult times at the start of the year! So relieved to know things changed for the better. You’re spot on about how positivity helps us through trying times. Works for me too! But, yes, it isn’t easy! Especially when you encounter people who tell you it isn’t tough at all (indicating it is all in your mind!!!) I hope and wish that the rest of 2019 also brings you more reason to bring joy and hope into your life, Parul. Hugs and best wishes

  8. I just love your fighting spirit, Esha. I’m glad you had so many moments of joy, to combat the tough ones. Also, congratulations on your blog doing so well. I love your WW posts and look forward to them.

    1. Thank you Apeksha! Trying to be positive has helped change my response to things but it does get very tiring at times. Downtimes are a life saver at such times. I’m so glad you enjoy the #ww posts. Congratulations on becoming an author this year, Apeksha. May the rest of 2019 fulfil the remaining dreams that you’ve nurtured for this year. Best wishes

  9. So that’s explains your absence on the blogging front. Looking after parents is both emotionally and physically draining. But I’m sure you’ll get the strength from somewhere to deal with it. Good to see you still smiling through it all!

    1. Thank you, Sunita! I know you’ve been through so much of it yourself so you’ll definitely know what this entails. Pray and hope the rest of the year brings peace and hope to both our families! Wishing your dreams for 2019 are finally answered by the Universe! Hugs

  10. So beautifully crafted as only you can . I look back at the last six months with nostalgia,a deep sense of gratitude and quiet resolve. It has been a period of disquiet. My daughter finally moved out of an abusive marriage of 10 years . My health concerns took a lot out of me . So each of us, as did the world,experienced some turbulence and we had to roll with the punches.

    Time is what we experience. What we want of it. What we make of it. Time moves on relentlessly. But it is how we engage with ourselves, our lives and the world around us that changes how we experience Life . A moment can stand still and let you experience eternity and all at once 6 months can race past and make it seem but a passing moment. What would life be were it not uncertain, indeed capricious? How dull, if predictable and with not our fair share of challenges.
    I have built enough resilience now so when the challenges come, I will remember that anchored deep within me is the ability to learn and grow. In this process I hope to discover the very best version of myself .

    1. So beautifully put, Aru’di and so inspiring to know that even after all this, you still look at the positive side of things and encourage us to face the odds with that calm resilience and quiet resolve, that is so YOU, in order to become the versions of ourselves! In life, one thought has always kept me hopeful and that is —when one door closes, another one opens and it is upto us to accept the situation and move on. May the rest of 2019 bring you plenty of positive moments, more mindful minutes and peace and joy in abundance! I wish your health problems are all left behind and Natasha begins a new chapter in her life with the same courage, determination, dignity and grace that you have exemplified throughout your life! As for the challenges, they are not stopping anytime soon, so we might as well embrace them.
      With best wishes, love and hugs <3

      1. Thank you my dear . Your love and support have means a lot . Stay well . Stay happy 🥰😘❤️

  11. Such a positive post. With so much going on in your life which could easily pull you down yet you see the bright side. Thank you for this post, really helped to gain perspective. When i was writing my post, I focused on all those things that didnt go well but now after I have read yours and other posts in this blog hop, I thought about the numerous things that went so well but I chose to ignore and didnt write about them. so once again thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you for being so honest with your thoughts and feelings! Writing this post was a sort of catharsis for me. I recalled many failures and the lows of 2019 but didn’t write about them because they would pull me down. Instead, I focused only on some good ones and chose to highlight the ones that really cheered me up. So glad my post resonated with you, Aesha.

  12. Esha..good you are looking at positive aspects and your learnings are resonating. Sometimes, life is like that, full of chaos and you may feel bogged down. It is visible in the ways we interact with others. Somedays, be a little selfish, sleep in an extra 30 minutes. Wish you lots of strength and happiness.

    1. Glad my post resonated with you, Lata. It’s true we do get bogged down every now and then but downtimes and me-times are absolutely essential on a regular basis to keep us focused on our duties and responsibilities, right? I have been finding small ways of keeping my mind and body stress-free through all this, Lata. Hope the rest of 2019 also treats you kind, Lata , and may everything you hope for, happen! Much love and hugs

  13. You spoke my mind with your line – ‘A bit like what they say about how we need to keep running even to stay in the same place.’ I feel I am not alone now. I constantly feel I do not move forward, there is no path for me to move forward just for myself because I need to do keep doing certain things continuously to stay in my place of sanity. These things though are uplifting but consume a lot of my time in the day.
    Coming to curve balls, I have come up with 2 rules. We will have broader bats to hit the balls, no matter if they come in multiples and the second one is there is no option of getting out – no catches, no LBW, no stumping, no run-out nothing. We will just hit, hit and hit 😀 😀
    Hoping to catch up with you soon in Bangalore. The end date has deffered by one more month now. So from June end it has become mid-August. Living month on month basis is giving me the lesson to live humourously in the moment which is actually for the present month.
    P.S. You are going to enjoy my Zombie post 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely long comment, Anamika! Loved it. 🙂

      Glad you realised that you are not alone in feeling this way. We are all in it, varying only in degrees! In fact, for the past couple of years, it’s been the longest period in my life when I felt I haven’t advanced at all. But, the irony is I’m breathless because I’m constantly running to stay wherever I am. When the whole world seems to be progressing I feel like the only one who is lagging behind!

      After my reading, writing resolves came to a nought from the beginning of the year, I’ve been very restless and unhappy. The #Zombiebloghop has helped me write under pressure but it has got me out of a slump! Few things that I wrote about in my post also gave me relief and it was a catharsis, because I tend to bottle up things and internalise everything I go through.
      I so fervently hope and wish that the rest of 2019 brings us joy, peace and more writing opportunities and that we meet very soon here in Bangalore over chai and chat once again. Now that you’ve piqued my interest with that concluding line, I’m hopping over to your blog to read your post. 🙂

      Meanwhile, let’s stay positive, and hope for the best! Hugs and best wishes

  14. Di, I feel every word of you. I have not been in a state of mind to write or read blogs and after long am back in the blogging world. I am so proud of you for staying so positive. I know how difficult it is to stay positive when everything around you seems crumbling. Love and hugs to you. Let me call you soon. I have not spoken to you in a long time.

    1. Thank you, Tina. I have no option but to stay positive. That is what will keep me going. I too haven’t been able to write or read much in the last six months so I know where you’re coming from. The call of duty ensures I am everywhere where I’m needed which often means we end up neglecting our own needs. Will be nice to catch up. Call/msg when time permits. Wishing the rest of 2019 brings back love, joy and peace in abundance to everyone. Best wishes and hugs

  15. ” I need to STOP being different things to different people ALL THE TIME—because I also need to be ME!” This is so true. and as you say, difficult. I too am working on this this year.

    1. Thank you, Sunita! I’m glad you are working on this too! I guess we all tend to undermine our own needs and sadly, need reminders for taking downtime and me-time every now and then. Wish and hope that he rest of 2019 works to bring you all that you are hoping for! Take care

    1. You’re right, Amrita. It was full but not with the things that my heart was seeking to find. Hopefully, the next six months, I shall be seeking that.

  16. Missed reading you, Esha. I love how you speak about trying to practice positivity. Something we all forget. Congratulations on the move to your new home and I hope you make more happy memories there. As for me the first 6 months of 2019 passed by like any other year. I’d like to think I have matured a bit. Other than that M started school so that’s my something new.

    Much love!

    1. So glad to see you here, Nabanita, after a long time! Thank you for your kind wishes on the move. Yes, hoping to create more beautiful memories here although my heart still feels stuck in my previous home. Congratulations on the new milestone as M starts school! it must be such a proud moment for you to see your little one off to enter her new world. How is she coping with the separation anxiety?

  17. Every post of yours has a poetic feel to it, Esha. You may not write with the intention, but that’s how I feel! Just love the way you use the perfect words to express your emotions.

    Yes, life is like that, with many a curve balls speeding our way, and just a few moments of respite. But, staying true to yourself, connecting with yourself and being in your own space, recharging your batteries will help you face those curve balls.

    Wish you the best for the next six months, darling! <3

    (Wonder when I will give you real hugs, as opposed to these virtual ones! 😛

    1. Hugs, Shilpa! Your wonderful words truly made my day! We must meet this year, and not simply keep planning. Your words echo in me because I too believe that every once in a while, we need the much-needed downtime to focus on ourselves too! At the stage we are in, duty beckons us all the time but I guess the duty to the self is also that important—something we can’t and mustn’t ignore!
      I need to take a few difficult decisions with regard to my blogging journey this year. Let’s see what the future has in store for me.

  18. I agree with you that it is positive things and thoughts keeps us going. Focusing on negative ones will only bring us down.I hope the second half of 2019 turns out well for you, Esha

    1. Thank you for your wishes, Arvind. Fingers crossed and I hope what you say comes true. Wishing you too a wonderful rest of the year. May things fall in place for you and you enjoy all those blessings in life that make life meaningful in every way.

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