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Sometimes, it feels rather unbelievable that we are re-living the horrors of the pandemic once again. Last year, this time, we were left in shock while the human race came into the grips of a global crisis. Everything in our lives changed overnight. What really compounded our troubles was the fact that everything that happened was basically unprecedented in the history of the planet.

As powerful nations reeled in shock and terrifying statistics showed us how fragile our lives were, we found strength in fortitude, grace and compassion and most of all, that sense of gratitude within us, to help tide us through the crises.

For a while, it seemed we learnt our lessons and, so when 2021 arrived, there was a newfound sense of hope and optimism that 2020 was a tough year but 2021 will be different because, we all thought, we had learnt our lesson. We believed what happened in 2020 wouldn’t happen again, because it was behind us, right? And, of course, having gone through the worse already, we were prepared this time. The fact that the vaccines were now ready perhaps might have played a big role in upping our confidence levels. But did things really change?

As it turns out, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Whilst it is true many of us learnt our lessons from having lived through 2021—a tough year on many counts, that turned our lives a full 360 degree, it is equally true that a larger number of us did NOT learn anything at all. Safety regulations were thrown to the winds, social distancing and masks were no longer considered necessary by many and as was expected, this time when the virus has made a comeback in the form of a mutant strain, we’ve turned mute spectators to scary statistics once more.

Why did we not learn our lessons? Why did we not heed the warnings? Why did we become so callous and irresponsible?

Ironically, history tells us that we never seem to learn our lessons!

There are speculations galore as to how the virus is once again set to spread its’ tentacles all over the planet. Apparently, none will be spared this time. I am forwarded videos with scary statistics by the very same people who have been ignoring social distancing norms and attending weddings and functions everywhere. These were the very people who never missed a chance to mock the odd person who chose to wear a mask at a supermarket where everyone around seemed to be walking mask-free. I don’t know what to say to them. Each one of us had a responsibility to follow the rules that were flouted. And now, when things have gone out of hand, the blame game is on, once again.

Our lives are again wrought with uncertainty and fear but, now, armed with the knowledge from 2020, we now know that come what may, we absolutely must refrain from slipping into panic mode.

We need the power of positive energy now more than ever. Many sensible people that I know of, are being inadvertently caught in this net of fear and anxiety, which is affecting either their mental or their physical health, and sometimes, both, in equal measure.

While it is important that we learn to accept that uncertainty will be an essential part of life, yet, ruminating over it and constantly surrounding ourselves with scary statistics will be counter-productive. Staying safe is paramount, but we must also find ways to keep our stresses at bay, especially with the explosion of new cases every day.

Once we have filled our cup, we can then go on to fill that of another, by becoming part of a growing support system to those who need our help the most at this hour of crisis. We could perhaps reach out to a friend in need, or provide assistance to elderly people who live alone, away from their children, who are based overseas. We can share Covid help requests on social media, linking organisations with communities who need support with all aspects of patient care be it at home or in the care centres and hospitals. We can also do our bit for friends and families who are in quarantine and help them with their daily food and other supplies. We can especially check in on those who are struggling with numerous health conditions and drowning in big overwhelm, with lockdowns only aggravating the very same nightmares that we ourselves encountered in the past year.

As it happens, the need of the hour is to stay strong and hang in there, in the hope that things will be better soon!  That’s all we can pray for, at the moment!

I have always believed that the Universe listens to us. It does. It will.

I believe we’ll make it through this, once again.



Written as part of our #SoulfulSunday freewriting exercise—a concept ideated by VinithaShilpa and yours truly.


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  1. I have been watching twitter for the last 1 week where there are horror stories of deaths and at the same time there are common citizens coming forward to support those in need with important information about available hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines and also providing home-cookeed meals to those in quarantine. The collapse of the health care system which was never enough for the people (and which we all knew) is heart shattering.
    In times like these, if there is nothing of the above sort that we can do to help people, still we can contribute by masking up, not meeting people, staying indoors and sending out healing energy into the world. The fact that we can do this is a priviledge to be considered and be grateful for. Getting caught up in the statistics and giving rise to the anxiety is surely going to make the mind weak, firstly, and the body weaker consequently.
    Let us all pray and meditate for the future times to come.

  2. The situation is so scary. There’s a new case or two every day in our colony.
    I’m glad that we can do our bit via social media to support others. And I’m so inspired by those who are reaching out with food and other essentials.

  3. Counting our blessings, staying positive, helping each other and kindness are what will help us get through this crisis. I hope we learn to follow these few things and make them a part of our life for we never know what new crisis will follow the present one!

  4. Agree with you, Esha. There are so many things we can do to support ourselves as well as each other. These small steps collectively will have a positive and uplifting effect on the entire world.
    But the unlearned and the ignored lessons are more damaging than anything else. Many among us are crying over the lack of parties and such and braving the pandemic without a mask, while a lot of people are out there struggling to meet their daily needs. But then these people were always inconsiderate of others, with or without a pandemic at play.
    I feel the current surge as Universe taking a harsh stand. Learn the lessons and be grateful for what you have. Stop acting like spoiled brats.
    As you said, together we can overcome this tough time by supporting each other. Life isn’t only about having fun, it’s also about being there for each other when in need.

  5. Beautifully crafted thoughts Esha as only you can . So true this Pandemic has brought the world to its knees with its fury . I hope we can get past it with courage and fortitude . There’s always a blessing in disguise in every situation . Something far greater always comes out of moments that test you . We should be grateful , feel blessed that with the love , prayers and good wishes we have come this far ❤️❤️.

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