International Blog Delurking Week 2019


Over the last three years, I’ve come across the concept of ‘blog delurking’ a couple of times but never got around to joining in, even though it seemed like a great idea. This year, thanks to Parul and her timely post, I decided there’d be no better time than NOW to jump right in, so, here I am.

Now, in case you’re wondering what the idea behind The International Blog Delurking Week is, let me tell you, it’s a lovely tradition that unfolds in the first week of January, when bloggers find out about their real readers—people, who not only stop by their blogs, but also leave comments on the posts—somewhat like raising their hands to show that they were around. These are the delurkers, as opposed to those who simply lurk, i.e., those who visit quietly and leave without commenting or leaving a trace to let the blogger know that they were around.

If you’re a blogger, you already know that there’s nothing quite like getting to know who your real readers are and nothing feels more encouraging than to read what your readers have left for you in the comment box.

This brings me to why I’m here. I’d love to know who you are, dear readers and where you’re coming from (not just your geographical location but your virtual one too, as in your website/blog/platform etc) and when you first discovered/stopped by this blog. So, if you’re reading this, please do leave me a “Hi” or just about anything that you’d like to share with me. I’ve never done this but I suppose it will be quite exciting to see if the number of comments matches up to the number of people actually reading this post. If you’re game, do join in and leave your thoughts/comments below.

I cannot think of a better start to my writing year than by conveying my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each one of you, dear readers— you’ve been with me through thick and thin, over the past four years (yes, MYSOULTALKS will be turning four this January!), left me with encouraging words, appreciated me most generously when you’ve liked my posts and always assured me with your gentle and warm assurances to continue every time my muse has abandoned me and I’ve found myself at the crossroads, contemplating if I should seriously consider giving up blogging/writing. You insisted I stay and I listened—So, today, I have to tell you that you’re the real reason I still blog, in spite of my intermittent breaks, which seems likely to happen almost every year, when life decides to get in the way.

But, I’m here and so are you, dear readers! And, now, as you’re done reading my post, I’d love to see you leave me with something lovely in the comment box. So, wishing you all a fantastic year ahead. I’m trying to ensure I blog more frequently this year, so hopefully, we’ll get to spend more time together in 2019. Thank you for stopping by and see you around! 🙂


(Linking this with Parul’s post.)


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  1. I am always a delurker and like I commented on Vintiha’s delurking post, I am the one who not only comments but hijacks the comment section and writes a whole long blog post in there. You are the same too 🙂 I saw yours on her post too 😀 This is one of the primary reasons why we bond so well – we unabashedly take to writing down what we ardently feel without caring what will the world think or Gosh we are so exposed or we have left no mystery about us.
    Next year, at the same time, I will share your post with the caption “the meaning of delurking and difference between lurking and delurking is here”. There is so much of confuusion about the word delurking that even bloggers got it wrong. You explained it very well here.

  2. And, we meet again! 🙂 Like you, I’ve been watching this “delurking” exercise for a few years, but was inspired by Parul to join for the first time the other day. It’s a great idea, in theory, but from my experience, most people commenting were regulars, not so many “lurkers”. Still, I did meet a couple of new people and now, we know each other a little more, as well. Cheers from Toronto, Canada!

  3. Hi Eshaaaaaa!
    I did see the poster for the Blog Delurking Week, but had no idea what it was all about! 😛 Now that I read your post, I got it…

    So, I met you here, on your blog and I have no idea when we just clicked! Talking to you on the phone makes me feel like we have always talked to each other..there’s this vibe we share that we may not share with anybody and everybody. There are a few other bloggers with whom I share a great rapport and it is something I had never expected when I began blogging.

    So, here’s to our friendship and your blogging!
    Lots of love!


    1. Hey Shilpaaaaa! Needless to say, the feeling is entirely mutual! I met you online but our offline chats have actually sealed our friendship, right? I completely agree with you I too set off on my blogging journey and was clueless I’d meet so many like-minded bloggers and that, I’d actually make such wonderful bonds with some folks. You are a delurker here, always, I know that and l love your honest feedback and the comments you leave on my posts. Today, let me also tell you much more than any of that, I also cherish the connect we have! Cheers to many more years of blogging and friendship! Love and hugs. <3

  4. Hi Esha. I love being here. I am always awe-inspired by your Skywatch and Wordless Wednesdays pictures. Your musings and ‘soul talks’ are always a pleasure to read. I am so glad to have met you online through your words. Hope to meet in real life too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Shilpa. It means a lot to me, because I truly cherish our connection. It’s been wonderful knowing you and I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person someday soon!I still treasure the book of poems by Gulzar that you sent me some time back. 🙂

  5. Hi Esha, as I said many times before, I love reading your thoughtful posts. I am always a delurker in your space. 🙂 Keep writing and continue inspiring. <3

    1. Thank you so much for being around, Vinitha. We know each other for almost 4 years now and I cherish the bond we share through our virtual connections even though we’ve never met in person (which I’d love to, someday, hopefully) Your thoughtful words and comments always make me happy. Thank you for being there always. 🙂

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