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My earliest memories are of me sitting on the rock behind our house in the hills, looking out and dreaming. I always wanted to fly away to faraway lands. Dreams and fantasies galore! Every evening, I’d escape to the rock and lose myself in the reveries.  The valleys ahead of me were blending into the twilight sky. The sun would have set long back but I wouldn’t move from there, soaking in the stillness in every fibre of my being. My mind, though, would race a thousand paces with each passing minute.

Thoughts led to dreams and wishes into fantasies! A feeble prayer, a plea perhaps, would  go out of my lips – Would He not grant me a prayer and turn me into a bird with strong wings that could fly away to the distant shores? Or maybe the magic carpet would take me to all those places on the planet I’ve been dreaming of. There were so many things to see, so many magical lands to discover and sights to marvel at! But cold logic always played spoilsport. My dreams came crashing down every day, much to my dismay!

As the years went by, the dreams changed. I no longer dreamt of being a bird and flying. I was so determined to travel, that I knew I’d fly to distant lands one day. My foundations were growing stronger with each passing day. Now, I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to see ‘beyond’ the obvious, where the eye did not reach. I wanted to explore the hidden vistas of the mind.  But life had other plans for me. It took me on a detour. I changed course and followed. Dreams followed me there too. But no longer the same anymore.

I still dream today and you’ve guessed it right.  They’ve changed again. I still pause to smell a flower, feel the rain and watch the blue-grey skies as I did then. The dreams I had, elude me still. Today, though, I’m happy to help somebody reach their dream! After all, some dreams never die.




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  1. Helping people in making their dreams come true must be so therapeutic, right? I too once wished to fly like a bird in the sky but not anymore! And yes, traveling to various places and exploring things around is equally good 🙂


  2. I do not remember what I thought I wanted to be in this sense in my childhood. Off course there was the doctor stuff which vanished the day someone dropped in ‘every boy wants to be a police and every girl a doctor’, belittling my dream. I think I just wanted my fathet not to call for my maths book because this meant my mind shutting down completely followed by a lot of gory.

      1. we were always on the move every 2 to 3 so I guess that’s how I got the wanderlust bug. Infact I wanted to be a truck driver while growing up… A mean machine and long winding road 😛

  3. It’s lovely isn’t it, to dream, disappear and fly! We dream all the time since we were little children…only the dreams change with time. To keep that dream alive makes everyday special ! 🙂

  4. Wow… beautiful..I always wanted to fly away too. always dreamt of living somewhere far, most of those dreams were of being sufficient, independent and strangely alone..Maybe I have always been a loner..

  5. What a lovely post and speaks so well of the real you. I absolutely loved your note to self. Soar high and be that somebody you want to be. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Parul. A lot of me has not changed much with time and yet some parts of me are completely altered beyond my own recognition. Life lessons and paradigm shifts…I guess to a great extent has had a role to play! But I don’t regret them. They were needed to survive in this world.

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