Goa- #AtoZChallenge

I’m participating in the #AtoZBloggingChallenge 2016 with the theme – Pins on the Map of my Memory – which is about places that bear a special connection with me for reasons mostly personal!


G for Goa


Sun, sand, sea and Susegado! That in four words sums up Goa. That last word is highly evocative of the Goan way of life, their desire of taking it easy and experiencing everyday life through their senses!

The Goans welcome visitors with open arms into their homes and hearts. Our family vacation last October was a testimony to this.

This tiny state in the west of the country has an emerald, palm fringed coastline that entrances all visitors. Beyond the superb beaches that Goa is most famous for, are the  stunning whitewashed Churches, old Colonial mansions and brightly coloured temples alongside world heritage architecture that catches the eye of every tourist visiting Goa. Nowhere is this more apparent than the charming streets of Panjim. Modern buildings provide a startling contrast to the Portuguese colonial quarter, a wonderful place of colour and vibrancy. But for a true flavour of Goa, one would need to travel inland to the villages. Ribandar is my favourite, surrounded by waterfalls, lush vegetation, colourful houses, old churches and fruit plantations.

The dazzling array of seafood freshly caught and prepared was a very memorable experience as was the the visit to the spice farm led by knowledgeable staff who identified everything and demonstrated their possible uses. This was followed by a delicious lunch and herbal tea, all made with spices grown on the farm.

With a perfect mix of blue skies, balmy tropical breezes and locations that embraced the soul our trip to Goa turned out to be a perfect beach holiday for us.


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    1. It is, Parul. We love it…our son loves it a a little bit more, so we end up having a family break there every two years! Going there again with our aging parents, this time!

  1. O hell yeah! Goa is indeed fun. I went there last year and it was perfect. Beaches, food, adventures, Activa rides, party… Complete package!


  2. Goa has its own charm. Can you believe that I have been to Goa so many times but always on official visits but never on a personal vacation with family! 🙁

  3. Even as a non Goan but resident of Goa, our home was like a holiday home while he was posted there. I will never forget those magical years . Thanks for bringing back those memories

    1. Glad you revisited Goa again through your lovely memories…can imagine it must have been a wonderful time for you all! Goa is so lovely…one never tires of the place…every time you discover something more than the year before…magical place 🙂

  4. Hi Esha, Ahh you did Goa…my most fav holiday destination. I loved your description of the place. I didn’t know the word Susegado! I haven’t been to Ribander…maybe next time I go I will.
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Hi Kala, Goa is my favourite too! There’s always something special about this place every time I visit it…Susegado is my fav word btw 😉 Ribander is a must visit…such a beautiful village, you got to see to believe how pretty it is!

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