Friendship – #FiveSentenceFiction

You can always catch him hunched on the floor, by the window, staring wistfully. His little frame, hunched over, wishes for someone he could call a friend. Someone to play with, during those long, boring summer afternoons!

She watches him, from the corner of her eye, as she types away on her keyboard. In her world of constant chatter and endless friendships, she no longer makes friends, just adds them.


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16 thoughts

  1. So sad, isn’t it? Friendships became a mere number on the screen with no depth to it. You have captured the sorrow state very well in five sentences, Esha.
    Thank you for joining in. 🙂

  2. Sadly the universal truth of most of us. I am actually practicing taking breaks from the virutal world by totally shutting off my devises for a while each day. Well written Esha

    1. Thank you so much Mayuri. You’re right. The virtual world is taking us away from the real world and it can be scary to see how strong its pull can be for many of us.

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