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Growing up, I’ve often heard that good things will come to those who wait. And, for what I can recall of the past, a good deal of waiting has happened to me through the years leading to both kinds of outcomes—both happy and the not-so-happy ones. Come to think of it, some days, life is all about knowing when this right time will come, isn’t it? That is the one thought that drives our hopes and dreams. That one little fact runs like an undercurrent in our lives—knowing the difference between when to let go and when to wait for what we rightfully deserve.

Fishing by the lake

What do you think of today’s image? This is a common sight on Hulimavu lake. I’ve seen these men spend hours in their fishing vessel, waiting for a catch. One will never know if they went home happy or empty.


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34 thoughts

  1. There’s something about being in the middle of the water in a boat that’s so calming. I don’t think we can always know when the time is right for something – that’s something we can only tell in hindsight – but we can discern when it’s best to let something go and when to persevere.

  2. You know that “fishing” is often an excuse just to get away from the womenfolk and enjoy a little quiet time out on the lake. “Shh, you’ll scare the fish!” hah… if a boat’s motor doesn’t, you talking won’t, eh? If they take a few beers buried in the ice bucket that’s “for the fish,” you know that odds are it’s not a choice between empty or happy – the two are NOT mutually exclusive. 😉

    1. It certainly looks calm and is so, most of the time! Except that last week, it came in the news for all the wrong reasons—you must have heard of the breach in Hulimavu lake. This is the one. Took a lot of time and efforts to help those affected by the flooding.

  3. It’s a beautiful picture and I think I have a similar one from when we were returning from Rajasthan. Let me dig that up soon.
    Isn’t Hulimavu lake the one where there was a breach? I hope your locality is safe, Esha. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Parul. I’d love to see your picture, so do share it sometime.
      Yes, there was a breach there last week. I was at the airport to pick up mom when I heard about it. We are on the opposite side of the lake and thankfully, nothing happened here. In fact we had no clue that so much of flooding was happening on the other end because nothing was visible from our side. Lot of homes and properties were damaged beyond repair. It was very unfortunate and something that could have been totally averted.

  4. Love that picture! It looks like a mirrored reflection and yet it is not. Splendid!

    Timing is crucial in life, Esha. But most people fail to recognize the right time until it passes right by them.

    1. Thank you, Soumya! Timing can make a big difference in our lives. And yet, we all know how challenging it is to spot the moment when it comes.

  5. That’s food for thought.Timing really is crucial an can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. Loved that picture. Fishing is something that needs endless patience. I do like the thought of sitting in the quiet with just the sounds of nature around you.

    1. Thanks, Tulika! All our life is a struggle for knowing the right moment when it comes and act accordingly and yet, we all seem to be in confusion, never quite knowing the moment when it comes and leaves. At least, that’s what has happened to me countless number of times.
      Yes, fishing can be very meditative too! That quiet is so precious!!!

  6. Thought provoking post and a beautiful picture, Esha! True, if only we know the difference between letting go and waiting with patience, life would be all sorted.

    1. Thank you, Shilpa. Glad the post resonated with you. Takes a lifetime to find the right time to let go or wait. One’s dilemma never goes away.

    1. It’s true for many of us, Damyanti. Time is perpetually tight and we’re forever juggling, aren’t we?

    1. It sure does, Carol and a lot of it! I’m glad you stopped by and shared that wth us today. Happy #wordlesswednesday! 🙂

    1. Anything but a sport, I’d say! It requires oodles of patience and you never know if you’ll go home empty-handed or with a catch.

    1. Absolutely with you on that, Sunita. Hope you are better now. When does the cast come off? Thinking of you and waiting for you to resume blogging again, like before. Hugs

    1. So true, Corinne! I guess, it’s the same story everywhere. We are all work in progress and have a long way to go before we come to imbibe this within us.

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