Facing the Brick Wall – #Monday Musings

Somedays I get a feeling that I was never meant to be a writer. Or else why would so many obstacles get in my way when all I wish for, is to sit quietly in my ‘corner’ and write.

Yes, the proverbial brick wall comes right up and stops me from achieving my goals. I’ve tried ways of getting around it, but, must admit, things have not gone as planned at all.

I haven’t written anything over the last 13 days, to be very honest. Tried a few different approaches, but no luck this time. Giving up sounded simple. But, even that was next to impossible!

So, the only option was to take a break!

Juggling responsibilities, balancing it with my other commitments makes plenty of demands on my time. When the best part of the day is gone, usually my writing muse has also abandoned me. Struggling to write in those in-between everyday moments has taken away all the joys of blogging and writing for me!

We all face obstacles on a daily basis. I have faced them too. So, why is this working against me now?

Maybe, the approach taken against these obstacles is what separates those who achieve great things and those who do not. Maybe, that’s why I need to find a way out too.

The brick walls that are blocking my way every day over these last 13 days are the metaphors for the obstacles I’m facing in life right now – the confusion that makes me question where I should draw the line between my duties and my passions, i.e., my writing. There are many conflicting thoughts at the moment and a conflict of roles too. For instance, the role of the ‘mother’ who dotes on her son and wishes to spend more time with him is vying for time with the role of the ‘individual’ who wishes to devote all her time to writing and blogging.

The sense of guilt comes from the fact that I take both the roles seriously. How and where to draw the line is a tough choice to make.

I now see that the brick walls are forcing me to reason a lot of things, especially those that are very integral to me as a person.

The choices are many.

For instance, I could go over the  walls. This could potentially be the hardest course and would require the most effort. Well, the walls are tall for a reason.

Or, perhaps, I could go right through some of the walls – break away with old rules that do not apply any more. But, I must be careful. The challenge here is to ensure that I will win and not the wall.

I could also choose to beat the wall to outsmart it. Most walls are stationary obstacles, and with the right strategy I could outflank them. Do you think the easiest path could be around the wall?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain, sitting and waiting for the wall to go away is not going to happen. Sometimes, timing is everything. That new idea may not fly now, but it could, later, under changed circumstances. Sometimes an obstacle is temporary.

Perhaps, that is another way of seeing it. Perhaps, the brick wall is trying to tell me something.

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How are you facing your brick wall? Are you letting the walls prevent you from reaching your goals?

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6 thoughts

  1. We all have obstacles in whatever things we do. They’re meant to be there. If they’re there, it means we’re walking on the right path. Not having them is the problem area. Just be consistent in what you do and you sure will reach where you want to be. Not writing for days happens with all of us. And it happens to me quite often. As much as I try to stay away from it, it tends to catch me fast.

    Just do what you feel like and you sure will find the way!


  2. that’s a tough situation. There’s never an easy answer when it comes to prioritising the two important things in life. Take it slow I would say and I hope you will find a way to get over the brick wall.

  3. It seemed as though I was reading about myself here Esha. Although we slow down in moments like these, we cannot quit. Being a mother of two, I have had days of zero creative output since I get no time to think but then this is all the life we have so somehow we will have to accept and live it well. I am sure given your skills and sensitivity you will be able to continue.

  4. The wall will not disappear on its own, and congratulations for turning this obstacle into a blogging topic. That is exactly what you must do. You will find a way, because you have the will to succeed. Life is just a series of brick walls, after all.

  5. Not easy to choose between yourself as a mom and yourself as an individual who loves to write. Not easy at all, Esha. Ideally, we shouldn’t have to face this dilemma but somehow we end up facing it. But don’t worry, you’ll balance both. I know you will. Sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and then come back stronger. We will keep facing such walls and like with this post today, we will break it in one way or another..Hugs !

  6. I grew up up in Government housing made of wirecut or table mould exposed brick and white paint that highlighted the header and stretcher course ! I simply loved it . Often the walls facing the lawn had ivy or woodrose creepers growing and on cold winter mornings the mist added to the allure !
    And then came the proverbial brick wall that the best amongst us face ! Whether it was being driven up the wall or hitting against it … the anguish is the same !
    Esha in your own inimitable style you narrated the story of every writers life ! It brought calm into the chaos and some method in the madness that I call Life in Bangalore !!
    Wherther its writing , a visa renewal , a corporation formality or just locomotion from point A to point B one encounters the brick wall ! You are right in saying waiting for the walls to disappear is not an option ! One has to and often times one does get around it . Esta es la vida !
    Beautifully written dear Esha ! Next time any of us is faced with an unsurmountsble brick wall .. together lets be the demolition squad !! Cheers 💖💞

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