A note to Dadu

I wrote a poem for you dadu. I so wish you were here today so I could read it out to you.

Some grandpas have ears that listen,
arms that always hold,
love that’s never ending
and a heart that’s made of gold!
My grandpa was just like that.

Some grandpas have the wisdom
of a live that’s well-lived,
long experience to teach us
and love only he could give!
My grandpa was just like that.

Some grandpas are unafraid
of big dogs and thunderstorms,
stand like a towering shelter,
no matter what comes along.
My grandfather was just like that.

Some grandpas are a lodestar
they shine and show the light,
to face each rough encounter,
and through every dounbtful night.
My grandfather was just like that.

I have beautiful memories of my childhood days with my grandfather, and they are so many of them. He was a brilliant doctor, a great humanitarian, blessed with a very sharp intellect, the best handwriting in Bengali and English, and was a very learned scholar who loved books, who loved to write even from his hospital bed in his last days. I loved his great collection of books, and admired the way he quietly worked at his beautifully designed garden (yes, he had green fingers!).

But, most of all, grandpa had a heart that was made of pure gold, who put his profession and his ideals before his own well-being, or his family. He was and will always remain the tallest man I ever will know. Everyone who knew him will vouch for every word of what I say here. I might even have missed a few things about him here!!

My grandfather whom I fondly called dadu left us this day 24 years ago and I was by his bedside, watching him slip away slowly. He was in a lot of pain and it was a deliverance for him finally.
But I have chosen to remember him in countless ways, in ways and things that tell me he is still close to us always.

Miss you dadu!

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    1. True Corinne…they don’t make them like that anymore! Our grandfathers belonged to a generation of self-made men who lived through the war, with rock-solid values that left a lasting legacy.

    1. I think I was very fortunate to have him in my life…the lessons that he taught have outlived him. With the passage of time, I find myself more connected with him and what he believed him as I see traces of his personality within me. It is very uncanny but true…

    1. Thanks, Lata. You must have had a lovely bond with your Thatha (and your words reflect that!) As we grow older, life has an uncanny way of reminding us of people who live on in our hearts long after they are gone.

  1. there will always be something special about grandparents….I wish mine were there too…remember so many of their talks….their dreams for me when I was little….my nanaji…..i had close bonds with him but never saw my dadu…..Lucky are those kids who get the chance to play with their grandparents….

    1. So true Sunaina. The time we spend with the grandparents is one of the most precious and their stories are most loved! Thanks for visiting Soul Talk.

  2. The fond memories of dadus-didas and thammas…we treasure them for life…loved your poem..:-)

    I couldn’t vote for your post on IB, as my day’s quota of voting was exhausted… but a 5/5 star for this post… 🙂

    1. Thanks Maniparna. Yes, grandparents always occupy a magical space in our hearts. That’s what makes them one of a kind. So glad you enjoyed the post.

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