Beach walks and Vitamin Sea | Thursday Tree Love 2023 – #8

Today, I’m sharing this stunningly beautiful tree—one of the many that I captured during our most recent trip to Mauritius—a dream destination for many, but for us, one that we had been planning for a long time, simply because of the nostalgia factor.

We had spent two lovely years in this gorgeous island more than two decades ago and it was time for a revisit, we thought. This was extra special for the sonny boy, who will be starting college in a few days time.

So, this is where we used to go for long walks—something that both the husband and I love to do often. This stretch of white sand beach, that you see in the pic, was our go-to place, every morning. And each time I passed by these trees, I paused and admired at how gracefully the branches seem to spread outwards towards the ocean, as if trying to touch it. The views were absolutely breathtaking all around. Sunlight danced on the gleaming waters and there were a number of boats bobbing up and down on the surface of the emerald ocean.

It looked pristine and ethereal and totally out of a dream! Except that everything was for real.

Six days flew by as if by magic! The downtime did us so much good and we realised how very essential it was for us to take the break and get into the laid back pace of a family vacation before we could ready ourselves to live up to the demands of another busy chapter of our lives.

We headed home last Friday—our hearts full to the brim, with gratitude and happy memories.

That’s all from me now. See you next week with another tree photograph and a little story alongside. Are you sharing your tree photo? If you are, then please do share your link in the comments below, so I can hop over and visit your post as well.

See you soon!


Joining Parul today for Thursday Tree love—a photo feature, hosted on her blog, which she shares on the 2nd and the 4th Thursday of every month. If you’d like to see more tree photos, do hop over to the blog, where you will find more gorgeous tree pictures from all over the world.

4 thoughts

  1. This is a picture straight out of a book cover I feel.

    Mauritius, long walks, white sand beaches, The sun and shade that this tree offers is all a beautiful memory you shared with us. Thanks

  2. What a gorgeous sight! Love that you were able to take a break and actually break away from the busyness of our city. Mauritius is lovely and sure a place I would like to see some day. Thanks for joining Esha and I hope to see you around tomorrow.

  3. Wow!! Beautiful!! We havent visited Mauritius but this post makes me want to add it to my travel wish list!! Lovely memories!!

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