All in a Day’s Work – #WTFOW#6 Day 4 #Writebravely

Today is Day 4 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words and the prompt today is to Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life. I am writing about a day – a typical weekday, to be precise, in my routine, regimented, humdrum life. Weekends are for relaxing and I break my tight schedule on those two days —taking things as they come! But hey! every day is a new day, and every new learning brings us something good to be thankful about. Let me warn you it is a long read, so read at your own peril, or better still, grab a cup of coffee or tea before you do, so you don’t fall asleep halfway through the post! 😀


A typical week day for me begins at 5 am, usually, a few minutes before my morning alarm goes off. After freshening up, I head over to the kitchen to put the kettle on and get set for my morning cuppa—that essential morning booster that infuses a fresh burst of energy into me and sets my day rolling.

After the morning tea comes my quick ten minutes of meditation. This gives me the focus and alertness I need throughout the day.

By 5:45, I’m back in action at the kitchen, ready to spend the next hour, dedicated to preparing breakfast for the sonny boy who will leave with two boxes of packed food—the snack and the lunch. As darkness begins to give way, the first splash of light spreads out across the sky. I try and keep a few spare minutes to chase an unusual sunrise, in case I happen to see one. (My regular readers will know that my phone camera is always handy, for a quick capture both at dawn and dusk!:D) By 6:45 am the lunch boxes are all ready and by 7:10 sonny boy leaves for his school.

Over the next 45 minutes, hubby and I ensure the beds are made, the laundry put to wash, the rooms tidied, the mess cleared up and everything is organized for the day ahead. We check our schedules for the day and by 7:30 am, we both are ready for an hour of yoga ready to recharge and get ready to tackle another busy day ahead!

By 9:00, I am ready after a quick shower to prepare breakfast and lunch for both of us while Jay makes me a delicious cup of tea and coffee for himself before he leaves for work. The maid comes around this time to do the dishes and cleaning the house. A quick call to mom is mandatory before I start work. The phone is put on mute, to keep distractions at bay, only checking email and WhatsApp messages, once the essential stuff gets done. This is followed by a quick lunch and a short break from the desk.

Between 2 pm and 4 pm, I am busy writing on the blog or working on my training projects, depending on my schedule for the day. Thrice a week, I have one on one meetings scheduled around this time, as I am easing my way back into the training world after a long career break. As with most moms who work, juggling the personal and the professional life continues to be a constant challenge for me.

If I’m out of the house, I’m usually in a rush to get back home before my boy is back from school at 4. Evenings mean we spend quality time together (which could be easily an hour every day) discussing how his day went before I get on with household chores while he attends to his homework.

If the cook comes around at 5:30 pm, I have the luxury to relax for some time. But, like last week, when she skips a few days, I get to cook the dinner for that evening. I love cooking experimental stuff, though nothing fancy—just simple and nutritious food. But it does take a lot of time and more often than not, the days I’m cooking, I know I have no choice but to skip my evening walk. Otherwise, on most days I manage to do five to six rounds, which is roughly about three kilometers. If the sky looks awesome, as Bangalore skies often are, I play around with my phone camera, clicking pictures of the trees or the skyline through my living room window that go into my skywatch posts for the week every Friday.

Hubby is back from work around 7:30 and we have the evening tea together catching up on the day’s events, reading, or heading out for a casual stroll. Once back, I’m back to tinkering with the phone, getting my social media updates or posting on Instagram before the kitchen beckons me once again.

Getting dinner prepared is the next on the agenda. We all work together to lay the table and warm up food before sitting down to the most important meal of the day.

By 10 pm it’s time to call it a day! Phew! Long day, indeed! I’m very exhausted by now. As I look back on my day, I take a few minutes to myself to write down the little things that made my day good, the blessings I had, the lessons I learned. I have a busy schedule. Busy yes, but busy doing things I love, busy caring for people who mean the world to me, and busy with work that I have committed myself to—be it blogging, writing or the training stuff that I do. To help me get these done, are my list of resources. They are all an extension of who I am, offshoots of my inner world, that is precious to me.

It is a great way to end the day with a book to read, although some days, even listening to the soothing strains of my favorite music also ensures I drift off to sleep easily. But, not before saying a little prayer of gratitude for the day that’s just got over.

All in a day’s job, as they say! 🙂

This is just another leaf from my regular uneventful life— mundane and predictable, but one, that I look forward to, rather eagerly! How does your typical day look like? Are you happy/content with the way you are living it? 


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29 thoughts

  1. Gosh, you are so organised! My day is so chaotic compared to yours what with classes and dogs and old parents who keep me on my toes and guessing what is going to happen next!

  2. It was indeed a long read. Thanks for warning me in the beginning itself. I was thoroughly prepared to be with you on your daily schedule 🙂 Routine and its predictability are a blessing in one way but doing the same thing repeatedly everyday is tiring and begins to feel like we are moving on autopilot. Everything we say or do becomes equivalent of a telephonic recorded message. This is what I wrote about for Day 4.

    1. Oh, yes, routine is a blessing to get all the mundane work done! I am happy with predictability, just no unpleasant surprises to jolt me out of the blue, thats all. 😉 Will hop over to yours rightaway. I have been unable to read or comment over the past to days.need to make up fast!!!

  3. A day in the life of a work from home mom! Pretty similar to mine. Though I have to drop & pick up my daughter from school and we spend our evenings at the swimming pool.

    1. Oh, thats good to hear Aesha. Yes, our kids can make our days a lot busier than otherwise but we moms wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? 😀

  4. Loved reading about your routine Esha. I would say you are pretty disciplined. I am in awe of people who rise this early, and more so I envy your super Skywatch clicks! You are pretty organized I can guess and thereby very efficient. You’ll get back into your training groove pretty soon I am sure. A beautiful day summarized by the wonderful person you are. Stay blessed dear friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Kala. I try to stick to a routine on most days since it gives me some level of control over my day. Not sure if that is the right way or the wrong way because to me that is the only way I know of. Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

  5. Isn’t it. Ice to have a boring , predictable life that springs no surprises? You seem to be leading a very contented life and may you always be so blessed

    1. Yes, you are right, Sunita. There is a certain sense of reassurance that comes from a life that is predictable. Right now, a family member is very critically ill and nothing seems predictable for us. My husband has been away from home for a long stretch of time attending to his duties

  6. Super packed day but filled with such a varied amount of activities. I am impressed to note how much of to-do centres around things you “love” to do – that is a big achievement.
    I love your sunrise sunset pics a lot Esha!!!
    Cheers to your super packed day!

    1. It is quite packed Shalini! But I’m someone who loves to stay busy doing things that make life easier for people around me so it kind of works to my favour that I occupy myself with all that I think is meaningful. So glad to hear you love the skyscapes I post every week! Nothing gives me so much joy, let me tell you, as when I’m capturing those magical skies! I love it ❤️

  7. Oh yes. Very detailed description of your day. 🙂 I don’t know if I can write such a detailed schedule post though. When I think about it, the two constant time slots I’d put in the day are the 10:15am and 3:30pm coffee breaks. 😀

    1. oh I agree. an ideal day for me would have time for everything… reading, blogging, coffee, work, exercise, sleep, going out with friends, spending time with family… it’s a shame that a day has only 24 hours. 😉

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