A Treasure Forever – #WTFOW#6 Day 1 #writebravely


They say some things in life are even more precious than we think they are. Would you agree?

Well, I do.

I’ve found that in this world, there are countless material things in nature that bewilder us with wonderment, like beautiful magical azure skies, stunning snow-clad mountains, and gorgeous sun-kissed white sand beaches. Then, again, there are some of the most amazing things that are intangible, that shape our lives and our beings in ways so profound that they make our lives and our existence way more meaningful than they’d be otherwise.

Be it positive or negative, they all form part of the reality of our existence, and this is what makes them worth cherishing. We treasure them dearly and wish to hold onto them for the rest of our lives because they add meaning to how we live from one day to the other.

From where I stand, the magical days of childhood are long gone, and so are those wonder-filled years of going on a treasure-hunt. The treasure I seek now comes to me from the most unexpected places.

From the material and the finite to the infinitesimal and the infinite, it has taken me long years of struggle, hardship, heartache and pain to realise that my real treasure lies not in those exotic mountains in faraway lands, that I often long to travel to, or the most mesmerizing sunset skies, that I capture every now and then; not even in the moments when the love of my near and dear ones make me deeply and utterly grateful of the many blessings in life.

The real treasure, my heart points out, lies in the innermost core of my being, right here, within me— the place that we often forget to look into, in our quest to seek the world. And it has taken me even longer, perhaps, to realise that, it will always remain one of the most prized possessions that I shall carry along, until the last breath of my life!

So long to realise this— you might ask?

Well, years of conditioning, I guess. We often forget who we are and more often than not, decide our self-worth based on how others ‘see’ us. Always. Breaking this cycle of seeking approval and living by the rules others make for us can actually be the most liberating experience in many ways. Discovering who we are, beyond the different roles and the expectations that we play in everyday life is a bit like uncovering the petals of a flower, you might say— the fact that we can be so many different things all at the same time and still be ourselves—the real, unique, flawed self, greater than the sum of its’ parts!

Connecting to this treasure-house within me has given a whole new meaning to my understanding of who I am— removed from every expectation, every burden, every baggage that I’ve carried within myself all these years, in order to make everyone else happy.

What about being happy just by being ‘me’?

I’m now learning how vital it is to be happy with what I am rather than what I have.

The more I uncover about myself, the more I am able to live consciously. And every time, I’m in doubt, all I need to do is tune into my inner self, and come back to where I truly belong—myself.

Have you found your life’s treasure yet? If you have, I’d like to hear all about it, because, once you find it, your life will be the best it has ever been. Wouldn’t you agree?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. This is my post for Day 1. Today’s prompt is: Write about a treasure you have.

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43 thoughts

  1. I often look to myself and wonder if I am the best me I can be right. And the answer is yes. But then, someone points to one of my flaws and I tend to overthink it. That’s something I should control. 🙂

    Rajlakshmi is right. You definitely do have a flair for expressing such thoughts! 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinay! It has taken me a long time to get to accept my flaws as an intrinsic part of who I am …esp those things that are inseparable from my identity. Being reflective is good so long one isn’t overtly critical! Thanks again for the encouraging words…!

  2. Being happy with what one has is the ultimate form of understanding life. Many of us keep searching for the elusive happiness outside while neglecting the inside. Loved reading your insightful post.

  3. You have an excellent flair for expressing such profound thoughts. It made me ponder on what happiness is all about. What truly makes me happy? Indeed, the secret lies within us. What a great start to FoW.

    1. Thanks, Payal. I totally agree with your line of thinking. Happiness does spring within us. The important thing is the inner connect, as you rightly say!

  4. I think Esha with age comes this profound wisdom. Looking closer home for treasures we sought out earlier. Being happy and content with who we are is a realization that few of us have. Beautiful thoughts, thought provoking.

    1. Thank you Kala! Yes, a lot of introspection and reflecting upon life and the various turns we took…all contribute to gaining some wisdom, hopefully! Still learning, as they say! 🙂

  5. I love the crisp clear way you write down your thoughts- I can hear you talking as I read. Its indeed satisfying to realise one’s self worth and love oneself to discover what joys life holds for us! I am so happy to read your positive and clam post on todays prompt! Good one Esha!

    1. Thanks you so much, Shalz. I love how you express your thoughts so succinctly every time you read my post! Made me very happy to know I was able to connect through my ramblings with so many people through this post (yourself incl :)) Thanks again.

  6. I think sooner or later we all stumble upon this treasure … and what a glorious discovery it is – at once liberating and enervating . Loved how you brought it all together

  7. To discover our own self, takes ages! True happiness does lie inside ourselves, the sooner we find out the better for us. Wonderful write 🙂

  8. This is identical to what I feel. On one thought, I wanted to write on the similar lines for my first day post but I could never have written it so well as you have written here. It was profound.

    1. I know Anamika. Our thoughts are alike on many things…and thought this too would resonate with you and it did! Life lessons learnt the hard way indeed!

  9. “The real treasure, my heart points out, lies in the innermost core of my being, right here, within me— the place that we often forget to look into, in our quest to seek the world”

    Oh this took me decades to discover, too. I knew it in theory, of course, but understanding and realization are two different things. Thanks for this wonderful post on the inner self– I think the inner journey is the most challenging and also the most productive.

  10. WOW, Esha. What a profound read this was. The other day I was thinking ‘am I happy that I am me?’ And yes, I’m happy. I felt a soothing sensation as this thought dawned on me. Our ultimate treasure lies within us. It is so easily overlooked, often forgotten and never found sometimes. You have articulated it so well, Esha.
    A great start to the Festival of Words. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Vinitha. Glad it struck you that way. I too, like you, often deliberate upon these thoughts. It is something that makes me happy to know that now I can feel happy just by being me, and that it enough!

  11. Wow Esha, this read was just what I needed!
    Like many of us, I have been seeking approval of others.
    I think as you rightly say, it’s needed to get in touch with my innermost self. To like what Iam & not what I have!!!

    1. Glad to know this struck a chord, Zainab! Isn’t it strange that we realise this only after we’ve come face to face with some tough moments of reckoning?

  12. “The real treasure, my heart points out, lies in the innermost core of my being, right here, within me.” .. Once you have found this, then your life is sorted. Loved reading this.

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