Springtime is here


Spring is here. The dull chilling cold has given way to a crispness and warmth that tells me summer is fast approaching.

Spring has arrived and the blooms are everywhere.
Spring has arrived and the blooms are everywhere.

In the south, where we live, February brings with it plenty of sunshine and beautiful blooms everywhere. In the park, the towering trees are now covered with new leaves that make them look like a lush green canopy. The chirping birds and the occasional bark of a stray dog herald the unfolding of another day, and another start. Another day when we can do something and change the way we live, or do things. Another fresh start to the day that one can fill in with constructive effort.

Life is beautiful. And we must pause every once in a while to observe it. To watch the leaves and listen to the humming of the birds and the wind brushing past our faces  the eyes of the stray that recognises you every morning.

Good morning!

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