A Mother’s Instinct

ac3b7e8bf43e877769e5e27fbf716cc2Last Friday, I was woken up by a rather strange dream. It must have been around 3 in the morning. Everything else stood still in those wee hours, except the ticking of the clock. It was difficult to tell if this was real or a dream. I remember telling myself that it must be my instinct, which had crept up to me at odd hours– I had just seen A in high fever, and J and I were talking about keeping him home for the day even though his exams were commencing from the day itself. 

Seeing one’s child ill is the last thing that one can ever brush aside. I reached for my glass of water and admonished myself for worrying too much. After all, A was fine. He had been working very hard, off-late and staying up on most nights until midnight because of the school revisions the following day. He seemed fine the night before.

And, just then, as if to validate my own thinking that things were indeed fine, I thought of checking on him. That’s when it dawned on me. I had touched a burning forehead, burning with high fever. The thermometer showed 102.8. I was forewarned in my dream. I immediately reached for the paracetamol and poured out water to get a sleepy 12-year-old to pop the pill. It was a very timely move. We just had enough hours to let his fever subside before we could take a call about sending him to school. Say what you will, but a mother’s impulse to protect her child appears to be hard-wired into her brain. I definitely believe in that. It has happened to me time and again. I have no qualms to admit, that on most occasions, I actually depend on my instincts to guide me out of a crisis. It works for me. I feel self-assured when I do so. Do you also feel the same?

I’m pretty sure we all have these moments at some point in our lives. What would you say? Do dreams speak to you?


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  1. And my husband calls it worrying unnecessarily! I’m glad that your instincts helped you, Esha. I hope A is doing better by now. Lots of love and prayers for him!

    1. Well, I’m not surprised to hear that Vinitha. Why does it sound so familiar to me??? A is much better now but still needs some time to recover completely. I’m giving him as much focus and attention as he needs now to get better. Much love and hugs for you, Vinitha.

  2. I am not sure about instincts but I dream a lot and I remember them. I also can do a lot with my dreams like watch the remaining after loo break, know that this is just a dream or cry in dreams etc. As a kid, I used to solve my Maths problems in dreams and get up to do it right. Now, I don’t think I can do that 🙂
    Wishing A better health.

    1. You mean you can watch the same dream even after a break? You’re amazing, Parul. You’re the only person I know who can do that. I wish I could do that for all the “good” dreams that end up too quickly when I wake up. How I keep wishing I could see some more of them 😀 I too recall seeing question papers in my dreams just before my exams but somehow couldn’t remember anything after waking up. Thanks for your wishes for A.

  3. Hey I hope he is doing better now.
    Yeah there is something to be said of intuition and listening to them is a great way to guide one’s life. The trick is listening to your instinct. Feel-Good post to read.

    1. Thanks, Shalz. He is much better now though not fully recovered. Will take a while, says the doc. Intuitions work for me as much as they do for a lot of people I know. Helps to listen to that inner voice.

  4. A mothers native instincts .. one cannot deny them . All of us do have them from time to time and soon we learn to rely on our intiutions . Growing up in a household filled with Math and Physics majors … we dint really believe in anything that went beyond the boundaries of reason and logic . But when I became a mother and a grand mom… the sixth sense seemed to heighten and it saw us thru some trying times !
    Hope A is better now . Hugs to both of you . And as always … a post that touched my heart .

    1. Oh, absolutely, Aru’di. Talk of being a mommy and knowing how our instincts take us through the tough times. lways works, I tell you. I understand what you mean by a heightened sixth sense. It happened to me with Arjyo’s arival and now I can be confident of my intuition more than anything to tide me through a crisis. Hug right back to you too. So glad to see you at Soul Talk. 🙂

  5. I feel for Arjyo. He is a bright boy but the sicknesses hamper him. I wish he is feeling better now. You must be having a very strong intuition, Esha, and that will be working with your dreams. I am so glad you dreamed and you went to check upon him. Any delay would have caused him to miss his exam. My own experience with dreams tell me they bring to us the universe’s messages and I have often been left contemplating them.

    1. Now that you mention, Anamika, my gut feeling about things have always been very strong, especially as a parent. I think from the early days of his birth and then, over the years, I basically did mostly rely on these hunches to tide me through crises, since we stayed away from family. Even in my own life my dreams always seem to tell me something that leaves me thinking about answers to my queries. It is fascinating how dreams unravel complex things for me.

  6. Your instincts are very strong and that’s an excellent thing. I have very bad dreams about family and hope nothing comes true. Hope your son is feeling better now.

    1. Oh, dear! I hope the dreams are only the manifestation of your inner most fears about family since you tend to worry about their welfare, living so far away from them. Thank you so much for your concern. Arjyo is much better today, though it will take a while for him to fully recover.

  7. I don’t have kids, but my instincts are pretty good. I do listen to them, but on the days I don’t, I find myself in a soup. I also pay heed to my instincts when they forewarn me about Chikoo, my pet dog. And it’s these instincts I depend on to wake me up in the middle of night to check up on him as he is now too old and not in the best of health.

    1. I completely agree with you Shilpa. Instincts always seem to guide us and it is best to go with them. I’ve always repented when I haven’t listened to them. I am sure Chikoo is in the safest and the most loving hands, knowing you think so much for him, like a baby. I pray everything goes smoothly and you have no reason to worry for him.

  8. Very true Esha! sometimes dreams do warn us! I have felt this too, I think our subconscious mind guides us through at certain points of time and dreams are a reflection of that.

    1. Oh, yes, they do, Menaka.You’re right, our subconscious mind has a way of forewarning us and guiding us silently provided we listen to it. I believe in the power of dreams very strongly.

  9. That is amazing! I’m not a parent, but I can see how one’s intuition would kick in and speak to you in your dream when your child was in trouble. Thank you for sharing, and hope your son is feeling better very soon.

    1. Is it not, Laurel? And I am so thankful for that instinct to have guided me on that night, telling me that my child needed me right there and then. Thanks for your wishes Laurel, he is indeed slowly improving although full recovery is a little while away. But, we’re getting there, no doubt!

    1. Thats the power of dreams. I’m so thankful that I was woken up by my dream to attend to a sick child who needed me there and then. A is improving albeit somewhat slowly. Thanks for your concern.

  10. Dreams sometimes offer premonitions in a surprisingly strange way. Most of us tend to discard them as concoctions of our mental being, but yes, sometimes they are so truly, whereas sometimes they ought to be trusted, when the matter is dire and deserves our attention. It is good to know that you intervened at the right time. Fever above 102 degree is a scary situation.

    1. You’re right, Maliny. I’ve always been guided by my dreams since I was a child. Even when I was upset they reflected a lot of my thoughts and have often found my answers too of questions that have been plaguing me. Thinking of a post on that someday soon. My timely action ensured A went to school that day and could write his exams that he would not have wanted to miss at any cost.

    1. Thanks, Nabanita. He’s had fever for the past three days, rather high. I plan to drop him and pick him up after school as he is still feeling poorly but is adamant on not missing his exams at any cost. The least I can do then is to support him the best I can.

  11. I agree, Esha. Just last week I suddenly had this feeling that M might get fever and she did. Thank God, Inhad taken her medicine with me and I was able to gove it to her in time. Not only that I felt the cause was something else and we took her to the doctor who said it was the onset of ear infection. Yes, mothers do have this instinct and I’m so thankful for it.

    1. Oh dear! Hope M is better now. I know these hunches are the best guides for us moms and often they come in between our daily tasks, mostly at the right time. Absolutely, thankful for it.

    1. That they are, Sunaina. They’ve always spoken to me of signs and symbols of things to come, or answers to my questions. Thanks for your wishes for A. Still poorly but will hopefully need a few more days to fully recover.

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