The Easy Way to Zentangle – #WTFOW#6 Day 6 #Writebravely

Today is Day 6 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words and the prompt today is to do a guest post/an interview.

The idea of a guest post on the blog was something that I had been harbouring for a very long time. Finding a perfect opportunity today, I bring you Rajlakshmi H Boruah, one of the most inspiring bloggers of Write tribe— Software Engineer, talented Zentangle Artist, ace photographer, poet, Yoga exponent—besides being an amazing travel and lifestyle blogger! 

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A brief bio before we begin— Rajlakshmi is a military brat hailing from Assam, who loves reading about Parallel Universes, when not trying her hand at Zentangles or watching the world – upside down. Travelling is her passion, writing keeps her creativity alive, Yoga is a part of her lifestyle and, more often than not, she ends up setting off the fire alarm while cooking. She strongly believes in Karma — what goes around, comes around. And therefore, no matter how small, she avoids negativity.

Rajlakshmi blogs at pixelatedtalesand pocketfulofmaps. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram and Pinterest

Today, she shows us an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns known as Zentangles. Thank you, Rajlakshmi, for being my guest today and sharing your wonderful post on this amazing art form.

How to draw a Feather Zentangle Inspired Art

A Zentangle is a meditative artwork made by following the Zentangle Method. They are miniature designs made in a short time by repeating certain patterns and following the guideline as published in the official Zentangle site.

zentangle feather quote

Zentangle Inspired Art, on the other hand, are artworks based on Zentangle patterns but made on different mediums like paper, cards, wooden surfaces etc. You can use the official Zentangle patterns or mix them with your own designs.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to draw a Feather shaped Zentangle Inspired art.

feather zentangle inspired art

I used a Unipen pen of different sizes – .01 .02 and .05, to draw this artwork.

There’s no right or wrong way to draw a Zentangle Inspired Art. Don’t worry about mistakes and you don’t even need to have a plan. Just pick up the pen, and let your ideas flow.


Rajlakshmi makes it look so simple for us, doesn’t she? That would surely inspire many of us to have a go at it someday soon. Are you into Zen doodling? If you are, do share your advice/experience to the eager doodlers in the comments section below. Your thoughts on the post are as always, much appreciated!

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42 thoughts

  1. I have always been a fan of Raj’s zentangle work – she makes it seem so effortless and her creations are just wow! Thanks Esha, this tutorial from her is very helpful and much needed.
    Loved the bio you have presented on her as well!!! Cheers

    1. Yes Shalini! Isn’t she just too good at Zentangling? I was very keen to try it out and her post is the perfect place to start. The bio was sent by Raj herself. I can take no credit for that. 😀

    1. I know what you mean. Thankfully, I know there would many (self included!) who would like to go ahead and brave it out by giving it a shot, so this might just get them started, you know. Thank you for your input, Holly.

    1. No, I completely agree Keerthi, but if you are keen to try, there is always going to be a first time, right? Give it a shot and do share your pics with us when you do. 🙂

    1. Yes, thanks to Raj for encouraging us to try this out. Try again, Upasna, this one looks easy if you start out with a simple basic one to begin with and follow it up with elaborate ones when you’re comfortable with it. I telling this to myself too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Amrita! That she is bountifully blessed by oodles of talent in all that she does makes her exceptional. Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts and appreciation!

    1. She does, no, Kala? I too think that she has this multi-faceted talented personality that excels in everything she does. What an inspiration to us all!

  2. She makes everything look so simple, Right from standing upside down to twisting her arms and legs to writing poems to this. I love her travel pics too. They feel so real. Happy to see her here. 🙂

    1. Yes, she sure is one amazing person and an even more amazing blogger of the Tribe! So happy to have had the opportunity to feature her post on the blog today. 🙂

  3. Rajlakshmi is one of my favourite bloggers in Write Tribe…Thanks Di for hosting her. This zentangle looks easy but am sure while doing it won’t be that easy. Anyway will surely try. Cheers to both Rajlakshmi and Esha (Mituldi).

    1. You’re welcome, Balaka. It sure is an honour to feature her write-up today. She is an amazing blogger and I remain in awe of her skills as always! Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts here today. 🙂

  4. Completely agree with you on this choice of blogger. And thanks Rajlakshmi for de-mystifying Zentangle. I’d heard about it especially from Alana? but had not idea of how it went. Will try this once I get home and on to my PC

    1. Of course, she is, Sunita! Not too sure about Alana…In my mind. I’m thinking it was Karen who used to do a lot of Zentangles on her blog…used to hold classes also I think! Yes, sure do give it a go.I will too…Just need to grab those pens first.

    1. It isn’t easy for first-timers I know but having said that, I think it might not be that difficult to start off with an easy pattern first. Let’s have a go, shall we? I feel the same as you do btw 😉

    2. It is easier than you might imagine, but it does help to have a book that shows the basic patterns. You can branch out and make your own, but starting with the basics helps. I made bookmarks, a couple of Christmases ago, with everyone’s names on them using “Zentangle inspired art.”

      1. That is an awesome bit of advice for the novice Zendoodler, Holly! I am taking it up and will follow it through because I’m convinced it gets easy once you set your mind to it! Btw, I do appreciate you stopping by the blog and sharing your valuable thoughts here. 🙂

      2. Definitely. I am serious – once I got the basic idea, I was off and running in less than an hour. It’s not at all hard and you’ll look like a pro in no time. Make sure to use good paper that doesn’t encourage the ink to “bleed,” a very fine-tipped pen (of course you can use different thicknesses of pen points once you get the hang of it, but I like the results I get from the finest points), and then let your hand wander. Think of it like creating shapes (either defined or subconscious) and then “coloring them in” with patterns instead of colors. If you do the whole Zentangle thing, to start, try not to “force” the shapes, but let your hand sketch them out as your mind wanders a bit. Experiment.

  5. Yaayy I am so happy to be here Esha… Specially since I was writing about one of the hobbies I am really passionate about. Thank you for the opportunity 😀

  6. Not remotely connected to art work- but loved the interview with Raj. I have got to know her recently and she’s a really sweet one. Nice feature Esha

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