Supertree​ Groves #TreeLove

Sharing a picture of this iconic tree-like (not real trees, this time!) vertical gardens of Singapore, known famously as the ‘Gardens by the Bay‘. These vary between 25 and 50 metres in height and are designed with large canopies to provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.

The tallest of them, seen here, measures up to 16 storeys in height! There are over 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers planted on these Supertrees. What gives this place a unique experience is the 128-metre aerial walkway (seen in the picture below), which connects two of the Supertrees, that gives one a different view of the gardens below.

If you are visiting for the first time, make sure you do not miss the Sound and light show in the evenings, which is an absolutely unforgettable experience!

Thursday Tree love is a photo feature on Parul’s blog which is hosted on the 2nd and the 4th Thursday of each month. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree on your blog and link it back to her post. Let’s come together to appreciate the beauty of nature all around us. 

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  1. So beautiful and if I am not wrong, once Sunita too posted these. Such a unique thing, isn’t it? Natural yet man made. Good one, Esha and so glad you joined 🙂

  2. I remember these trees too ! Even though they are a marvel of technology and show the way forward I couldn’t help get the creeps when I saw them. I particularly felt that this beauty was of an alien kind as this visit was soon after the Botanical garden which absolutely stunned me with its natural charm.

    1. Yes, Sunita. They are absolutely marvellous as a tourist attraction and so eco-friendly as a structure while being a source of revenue as well for the country. I cannot help say but this is actually what good design is all about! We couldn’t cover the Botanical garden as time was running out, though! I believe it is very impressive and well worth a visit.

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