Some goodbyes are always difficult!

Heartbreaking. Misty-eyed and emotional, we hug once more, as we always do. It’s never ever easy to see her off as the porter wheels her away, out of sight towards the check-in counter at the airport.

I walk away, towards the car park, wondering if I’m leaving some part of me behind! Perhaps, I do. As the years go, I’ve realised how much we need each other in the good and the not-so-good times.

Had got so used to seeing her pottering about the house, cooking our favourite dishes every now and then, reminding me to look after myself, sharing her invaluable life lessons from her vast storehouse of experience and knowledge, and most of all, in her unique way, showing us how to remain proactive, agile and cheerful even in the face of adversity, no matter how many constraints life might bring upon!

Very few people have that kind of warm presence that inspires and generates positivity wherever they go. I know she’ll get busy lighting up other lives now.
Look after yourself, as you always say to me! Can’t wait to see you back. Remember we have so many plans waiting for us, of places to go and things to catch up on. Stories, that I have to tell you and, the book that I will be writing someday. So much that’s still left unsaid.

For now, I have only one thing to say – Home will never be the same without you, Maa!

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  1. I envy your closeness and warmth with your mom!! Please cherish the time with her to the fullest Esha – wishing you many many more years of such moments and joys!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Shalz. I do cherish my time with mum knowing that we are now running out of time. She is very crucial to my happiness. We are very close and very emotionally bound to each other…even more so with the passing years. Hence, the outpouring on this post. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here. πŸ™‚

  2. Its one of those moments we never want to observe. I am lucky having my Mother in the same town now. I remember when every time our eyes used to flood while saying goodbyes.

    1. So glad to know you both live in the same city, Upasna. As time goes, you’ll realise too how our time with our mums are so limited. We treasure them even more as the years go by and we grow older and as we mature as individuals to see what they went through to give us a good life.

  3. An emotional post.. You both seem to be inseparable, sharing a great bond. Very few are lucky enough to have such strong bond

    1. That, we are, Arv! Quite an emotional outpouring. As she gets older I realise my time with her is slowly running out. The bond that we share is like nothing else. We both draw a lot of emotional sustenance from each other.

      1. Daughter and mother relation definitely has a close bonding. I hope you both get to spend lot more time together…. quality time! Wishing for her good health, Esha!

        1. Thank you so much Arvind. Your wishes for her mean a lot to me. I value the time we spend together because I know how fragile her health is getting these days. Hope your words come true…and that we do have enough quality time to spend as mum and daughter.

  4. I hate seeing off, Maa. I can never get used to it. So I know what you must be feeling, Esha. Nothing anyone says will comfort you. So, I’ll just send a hug your way.

    1. Hugs, Nabanita. You said it so well. None can fill in for our mums, can they? No matter how wonderful they are. I’m the same as I was when I left home at 16 to study elsewhere. Still miss her as much!

    1. So sorry to know about your loss, Alana. I do think none can ever take the place of our parents, no matter how wonderful they are. I try and make the most of my time whenever I’m with her since I know our moments today will become memories tomorrow.

  5. That’s a heartwarming post- Loved reading it. Hug and love your mum when you can. I lost my mum a bit over a year ago, and miss her so much. Every day. ItΓ¦s important to always let our loved ones know we love them. Big hugs XXX

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here, Eli. So sorry to know about your loss. I do think we get so carried away living our own lives that we tend to overlook the fact that parents are at a delicate stage in their lives. I cherish the time i spend with mum coz i know every minute of her presence is precious to me! Hugs right back to you too. xxx

  6. Esha, I understand the emotions when one waves away Mom and separated in two different worlds. Your Mom seems to be an amazing soul and am sure you will visit her again.

    Btw, I attended the Indian Food Mela yesterday and had yummy Indian food at IGCIC.

    1. You’re right, Vishal. That she is. Anyone who meets her says that about her.

      Great to know about your wonderful encounter with Indian food. The mention of IGCIC made me so nostalgic…I’d love to visit Ile Maurice again soon.

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