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“Recognizing that people’s reactions don’t belong to you is the only sane way to create. If people enjoy what you’ve created, terrific. If people ignore what you’ve created, too bad. If people misunderstand what you’ve created, don’t sweat it. And what if people absolutely hate what you’ve created? What if people attack you with savage vitriol, and insult your intelligence, and malign your motives, and drag your good name through the mud? Just smile sweetly and suggest – as politely as you possibly can – that they go make their own fucking art. Then stubbornly continue making yours.” 

― Elizabeth GilbertBig Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

These words from Gilbert’s book made a very deep impact on my mind when I read it a couple of months ago. Gifted by a blogger friend, the book found its way into my lap one rainy afternoon which turned out to be a perfect way to spend a cosy Sunday. By evening, I had no intention of putting the book down even for the night.

In fact, Gilbert’s words resonated with me so much that I bookmarked quite a few passages in the book to read later. Her wisdom on how to approach the creative process with fearlessness and persistence spoke to the writer in me (if I may call myself one!) I learnt how some fears are actually good for us, and some failures work to our advantage but one very important lesson that came from her book was how passion outweighs consistency in more ways than one, leading us to the big magic of creative living.

What is wonderful about the book is the way it describes creative ideas in a completely different light from what I’ve ever come across earlier. Ideas, according to Gilbert, hover around us, looking for a place to lodge themselves; perhaps, to find a home where they’ll find sustenance. And, if, for some reason, we refrain from letting them in, these ideas start looking for another home elsewhere.

What a beautiful thought is that! I know I’ll be reading many more books on creativity in the coming years, but these lines from this book, will always remain a special favourite.

Have you read the Big Magic? Would you agree or disagree with Elizabeth Gilbert’s words? 


Linking this with Tulika’s #BookBytes post where you can share a quote, a line (or two) or even a passage from a book that leaps out at you demanding to be shared. #BookBytes goes live every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

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  1. I’m so glad you finally managed to get a window of time to cosy up with the Big Magic. My gift feels rewarded now. :))

    I read this early last year, and after reading your post my heart aches, to reach out to the bookshelf. But Im currently reading 4 other books, one magazine (Buddhism) and then there are a few others which are constantly vying for my attention. Sometimes, I wish I had the entire day to do nothing but just READ.

    Btw, My Big Magic copy is highlighted with coloured post-its in almost in every other paragraph and every page, yes! 🙂 This was one of the my favourite books from last year, as was Ikigai (do take time to read that as well, I know you will love it). And how could I forget Gachar Gochar. 🙂

    Tulika’s prompt looks so promising. I wish to link up too on the 3rd Tuesday. Amen to that!! :))

    Have a booklicous week, Esha! Keep reading, keep sharing. <3
    God bless loads. xo

  2. Those lines are beautiful and so very inspiring. I am not much of a Gilbert fan. I couldn’t finish Eat Pray Love but this quote makes me want to pick up this book. We really have to stop thinking about what others think if we need to create anything at all. There will always be detractors.
    Thanks for linking up Esha.

  3. This very quote is the one that gave me a lot of hope. I read this book last year (I think) and felt so good, so enlightened. I am glad you read it, dear writer! 🙂 You are one of my favourites, Esha!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book, Esha. I have seen movie – Eat, Pray, and love, I absolutely loved it. She is right everyone needs their own space and opinions.

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