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moutains - Pyrénées

This blog was initially conceived as a collection of photographs taken during my travels, but has now evolved into a mirror to curate my thoughts, experiences and memories.

Life has been an interesting journey so far. Travelling has been an enormous adventure, but more than the excitement of charting new path and finding new places and seeing things, it has been an eye opener in helping me unlearn, redefine my perspectives and understand why I feel that I am a citizen of the world.

This blog is also about my travels, not just the sundry, but a little more. It is also about the myriad people and places that have left an imprint on me and have largely helped me to figure out who I am. Besides, I’d like to probe into issues that involve us everyday. The answers to many of the questions may not always be there, but the process to knowing is only through asking questions that challenge us to get out of our comfort zones and confront those issues.

The more I have traveled, the more I have realized the fact that I belong to no one place or culture. The fact, that I continue to carry some element of each place within me, which, therefore, enriches my life and my work in a way that nothing else does! Who says that the journey to self-discovery is an easy one? That is no deterrent, however, and so we go on trips to unwind and relax and release all those daily pressures. 

This blog is a personal journey, and it would be wonderful if you join me to explore and talk/share/exchange experiences. In the process, I’d be more than happy to have your comments, constructive feedback about the posts and the blog with a view to make it better.

Ready to take off? Let’s go….

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  1. Can find myself easily in your way of thinking, maybe because I also traveled much, and it has become a way of life. Can’t help but having that detail influencing my blogging:) Love these captures and makes me think of peace in my upcoming All Seasons meme post (Sunday). You are very welcome to join with One photo for the link list (open from Sunday – Friday). It’s titled “All Seasons – I wish you peace. ”
    Hope to see you there!

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