Gold or Silver #WW

‘Gold or Silver? Which one will you take?’

The 57th floor of the Sands SkyPark in Singapore offers you an amazing aerial view of Singapore city, and all 360 degrees of it. The best time to come up to the SkyPark is early evening, meaning you get to see Singapore by both day and night, and if you are lucky perhaps even a sunset.
Trust me, you haven’t quite seen Singapore if you haven’t been here!


Would you like to join #WordlessWednesday? If you do, it’s all very simple. All you got to do is post a picture that speaks for itself. Once you do, please post your link here where you get to see the other #WW posts from the other parts of the world.

Happy #WW! 🙂

20 thoughts

    1. Yes, Shilpa. It sure does. If it happens to be a beautiful city like Singapore, then all the more reason for that gorgeous view. Sadly, my phone camera wasn’t working well, so the picture didn’t come clear enough.


    1. Thank you, Shirley. So glad to see you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I love night-time shots especially in cities with clear skies and zero pollution levels. 🙂


  1. This is one Singapore sight I missed despite a month long stay in the city! BTW i am waiting for you to start your own Linky party so that I can join ( I know you are busy and also having several issues at one gobut whenever ….)!

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