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Guess what is the most underestimated, most readily available thing that can brighten our day in an instant?

If you said humour, you’d be right.

What better than a good dose of laughter to get on with life? And yet, we all know how difficult this might be, especially with so many stressors sapping all our energy leaving us sulking, brooding and even ‘contaminating’ (if I may use the word) ourselves and those around us with worries, negativity and stress!

In fact, humour doesn’t always fall into place or make us laugh. Often, it is the last thing on our minds when in a crisis or a grave situation, be it the illness of a family member, a death or even a break-up that someone’s going through. Worse still, if this is happening to us.

I cannot describe how I’ve spent days trying to get over a broken friendship or someone’s rude words and now, most recently, seeing my kid upset with his own set of issues, some which have no easy solutions. I remember once going for a film that promised to be funny, solely because a friend thought it would help me pull myself out of misery. I went, albeit reluctantly— but once there, realised how contagious laughter was and how quickly it worked to get me out of the slump.

Humour is nothing but a paradigm shift of sorts— that gives us this ability to see the flip side of life and learn to be more accepting of who we are, warts and all. The ability to laugh at ourselves perhaps being the most effective means of helping us get rid of the baggage that we love to carry throughout our lives.

So how easy is it to see humour in our everyday lives?

Not as easy as one thinks. Certainly, a struggle if you are perpetually stressed (a bit like me these days). Like, how these days, I feel my sense of humour has abandoned me for good. Wonder if I’m the same person who used to draw cartoons and do mimicry, or write funny skits with my gang of friends during the hostel days? No, trust me, I seriously wonder if that was the real me or is this the one that I see now? As we grow older, I think many of us tend to get serious and stop appreciating the banal and ludicrous that is as much a part of our life. It was so easy to see the funny side of things and burst out laughing then. Or why would I tend to worry more than laugh these days? Why would stress pull me down all too often leading me to fight or flight situations. I feel like an escapist at times when I try to run from things that demand my time and attention and I know there isn’t an easy answer.

And so it is with this intention that I have made a start – I’m trying to find ways to laugh in the everyday situations that tend to stress me out. One area this is proving very helpful is in handing my teen who is making me look at parenting in a totally different light these days. (More on that coming later). I’ve always felt that parenting has altered me beyond my own expectations, but the fact that one day it would also turn all my theories on life upside down was something I was never prepared for!

For now, of course, I have the realisation that there’s perhaps no better armour to deal with the slings of life than our ability to laugh it off when we can do little else but be mute spectators. We are both learning no doubt—not just the kid who begins to see the world in its true colours, but me too, as a parent. And to think, I thought I had it all sorted as a mom, all this while! Learning to change one’s age old beliefs and adapting to a new way of living is never easy but not altogether impossible. Life lessons come in so many ways, I tell you!

And now, I’d like to know how you cope with life? Does humour come to you easily? Do you tend to laugh it off or stress yourself over things more often? I’d really like to hear your side of the story, because I believe we are grappling with similar issues everyday and there is nothing better than shared wisdom to help us laugh off what we cannot swallow. What would you say to that?

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