The Wall #WW

“The Wall”

This wall on a building in Philadelphia (somewhere close to China Town, if I’m not wrong!) caught my eye while we were on a tour of the city way back in 2012. The image was very striking and was promptly captured on my camera. Sharing this for today’s #WordlessWednesday. I wonder if it still there today!


#WordlessWednesday Post 52


While I am no longer hosting #WordlessWednesday, I’ll still be posting regularly. If you wish to join in, all you got to do is post a picture that speaks for itself. Once you do, please post your link here where you get to see the other #WW posts from the other parts of the world.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂

10 thoughts

  1. Wow! reminds me of an installation I saw in Kala Ghoda fest in Mumbai which was made of loads of ants made out of discarded metal parts- this is by the artist Jotesh Kalat – it was stunning as it was put all over the pavement and ran upto a tree as well – integrated so well with the landscape!


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