Skyscape #Skywatch

This was the view we feasted our eyes on….when we first landed at Galle, Sri Lanka for the short weekend trip. I guess, mesmerized was an understatement…we were floored! The sky was clear and the clear view of the ocean in front of us portrayed a calmness that worked like a perfect charm on us, far from the clamour and din of city life. The next three days flew by almost magically, leaving us with some beautiful memories. Skywatching, as always, brings me bliss and peace that helps me reclaim my space in the hectic pace of our everyday lives. As I step into 2018, I am letting go of the baggage that has piled up over the course of the year, purging myself of negative vibes and cleansing my soul to welcome the New Year with open arms. Here’s a picture that I particularly love, from my collection of sky pictures from the trip.

As I take leave from you, I’d like to wish each one of my Skywatch readers a wonderful and happy New Year! See you in 2018.


Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where people post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.) In case you’re interested, here are my previous #SkywatchFriday posts. Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


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  1. I visited Colombo many years ago. Even though I loved photography but I just clicked one picture of me at the beach on Galle road. That was a film camera. I don’t even know where that picture is. In contrast, if I were to revisit I’m sure I’ll end up clicking hundreds of pictures because we have digital cameras and phones.


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