Spicy or Colourful? #WW

Hot and spicy? Or just colourful?

Joining is super simple—All you got to do is post a picture on your blog and add it to the linky below, where you will find other #WordlessWednesday pics.

Do visit and comment on as many posts as you can and have fun. If you happen to stop by here, do leave a comment so I can comment on your post/follow you back. Wish you a wonderful Wednesday!


24 thoughts

  1. Now, this is the kind of vegetable market I would love to visit! All the fresh produce in its vibrant colours, rich and healthy…makes me feel blessed!
    It’s a beautiful picture, Esha!
    Are we supposed to follow some prompt for Wordless Wednesday, or can we post just any picture?

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    1. Thanks, Shilpa. Yes, it is so uplifting to see such fresh and beautiful veggies. This is one of the many stores I go to every week for my fresh groceries. If you’d like to join in, let me assure you it’s super easy. You may post any pic you like provided the pic says something and you don’t really need a post to explain. Maybe a line or two to go with the pic is perfect. Looking forward to your pic, Shilpa. 😊

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      1. Superb! I can’t wait to see your sky pic! Knowing you and your love for aesthetics I can say it will definitely be a fabulous one. 👍😀


    1. Thank you so much, Vinitha. This is a new store in the city and it was my first visit so I couldn’t help but enjoy the sight before deciding to click one for keeps!


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