A Scene by the park – #ThursdayTreeLove 10

As the poet said, ‘Only God can make a tree,’ probably because it’s so hard to figure out how to get the bark on. —Woody Allen.

img_7785This is my favorite corner in the park, where I go for my walks. Every morning, I look forward to the familiar sight —the lush green aura all around, the little shoots and fresh new leaves, the tender saplings rising high, the brick-lined path, and the morning light — all seem to usher in a new day, full of promise. Ah, the joy of walking under these giant trees, with the slanting rays of light filtering through, on the fresh new stalks of grass beneath! It takes so little to be happy when we see what Nature brings to us without our asking, without fail, every day of our lives?

Now, the question is, what do we give back to Nature?


Joining Parul Thakur with her post based on the theme, #Thursday Tree Love – where Parul brings you her #treelove picture and links to other beautiful ‘tree’ posts from the week befor. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree and link it back to her post. Let’s appreciate Nature around us!

21 thoughts

  1. Thats a beautiful tree and its canopy feels so warm and welcome. True, we hardly give anything back to nature. Do you also sit under this tree ?

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    1. Thanks Lata. Yes, its a lovely place to sit down with a book or sketch. People do a lot of stretches in the morning under that tree. Its so peaceful. 🙂

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  2. Such a gorgeous spot and I remember another angle of this one you had shared once on your FB timeline.
    To your question, I think if we can just respect nature and ensure we don’t disturb the environment, it’s a good enough effort. Thank you Esha for joining!

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    1. Yes, Parul. You are right. I did share another similar one earlier before. How wonderful would it be if all of us just did our bit to not ruthlessly destroy the course of Nature! Glad to join in Parul. 🙂


  3. How nice to have such a wonderful space to walk in. I just have to find a less crowded road and make my way through traffic, jostle with people on the way and hope like hell no one will knock me down ( either a car or a person!)

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    1. Oh, the perils of living in a big city. We lived in a busier part of the city many years ago, and I remember having this worrying me every time i set foot outside home with my then 3 year old, fearing anything moving would knock us down. I get your point, Sunita.

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  4. You have captured the essence of a park, the trees and walking early morning in that magic. It made me miss my green oasis- haven’t been able to go for my walks these days…… lovely post

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Alana. So happy to see you’re regular with Skywatch these days! Loving your posts and the gorgeous pics. 🙂


  5. awesome 🙂 its such a lovely place to walk around in the early hours, what a blessing it is to be surrounded by so much green:) to your question, I would say start valuing trees and do not hurt them..

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    1. It truly is, Angela…sheer bliss! I count myself as blessed because this park has given me so much, peace and happiness always, every time I’ve been here. Not forgetting helping me to clock the minutes to complete 3 .5 kms of walk every alternate day. Such a lot of incentive to go walking even when the weather isn’t encouraging outside!


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