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Girdled by the Satpura ranges in Madhya Pradesh, lies a lovely hill town often referred to as the “Queen of the Satpuras!” As Madhya Pradesh’s one and only hill town, Pachmarhi enjoys a unique position as a popular tourist destination, where bridle paths lead into placid forest groves of wild bamboo, jamun, dense sal forests and delicate bamboo thickets, offering the space to unwind effortlessly and enjoy perfect tranquility. In other words, Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh’s most verdant gem and our trip was proof of that!

As an archaeological treasure- house, Pachmarhi has astonishing richness. There are cave shelters in the Mahadeo Hills which reveal rock paintings that date back to 500-800 AD, although some of the earliest paintings are estimated to be 10,000 years old. In Pachmarhi, contrasting cultures and ages co-exist in harmony as if time and trends mean little in this serene, wooded place. The highest point in the…

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