To bend or to break? – #ThursdayTreeLove 2


Are you amazed to see how this beautiful tree continues to stand rooted to the ground, despite the wind pushing it in the opposite direction? So am I. In fact, this image set me thinking.

How often do we come across people who are rigid, who are not only unchangeable, egotistical, stubborn, but also a challenge to work with- those who’d never ever bend from their stand, their outlook, their views/opinions? I wonder if they can ever evolve or grow that way.

As a trainer, they’ve often thrown me into a tizzy and I’ve struggled to fathom how best to deal with them. It is here that trees have something to tell us. Today, sharing three essential life lessons that only a tree can teach us:

Stay grounded

Stay connected to your roots

Bend before you break

Do you like trees? Have you ever noticed how they stand tall but know when to change depending on the directions of the wind?  Some thoughts to ponder over, on this Thursday morning.


Today, I am joining Parul Thakur with her post based on the theme #ThursdayTreeLove- a new photo feature on her blog. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree and link it back to her post.

27 thoughts

    1. It is scary that the powers that be abound in such people who are ready to break but never bend. I see a sign of regression in the air as more and more people seem to be turning that way!


  1. Loved this quote of staying grounded. If we look around, we can take so much inspiration from the nature. You posts on tree is inspiring me to finish the long pending post on tree. 🙂

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    1. Glad to know that my post has made you take up the series once again. 🙂 You know, I have been caught up with a few things on the homefront. This evening, will be catching up on reading all the pending posts (your tree posts included)

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      1. There’s so many things to write about, but then time’s limited. Classic problem!
        Will look forward hearing from you then. Have you ever captured sunrise or sunset from Nandi hills or some similar location?

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      2. Yes, true. Some days I am spoilt for choice on things to write and there are days when words elude me. Haven’t been to Nandi Hills yet…I must do it this year! Thanks for suggesting though 🙂

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      3. I have been to Bangalore so many times and frankly, I haven’t explored anything. While earlier, It used to be once a year but now it’s once in 3-4 years. Even though I pass through Cubbon park and I love it so much, I have never been able to walk and explore. Another place I love is Sankey Tank. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to visit Nandi hill anytime soon.

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      4. I think when you travel for work that is what happens most of the time. Cubbon Park is still beautiful although we don’t get to visit that part of the town often. Sankey’s Tank of course was my favourite spot when we lived up north. It was close to home and a place that we all loved to spend time in. That place too is changing now although the park next to Sankeys is still very much there and quite a nice one too. maybe next time you’re in Bangalore, you should keep some time aside for exploring around.

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      5. Esha, all these trips to Bangalore weren’t for work. I agree that city has changed completely. I don’t think I should bring up the common woe -traffic! I’ll try to explore around few places. Any suggestions?

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  2. Beautiful picture and lovely analogy. I always think of this – bending or breaking. I think that there are things we can’t be flexible like values and things where bending is fine.

    Thanks for linking with me. So wonderful to have you around.

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    1. You’re right, Parul. I see your point. In this post, the reference is to people who cannot change when the time or the occasion demands it…they prefer to buckle under pressure but refuse to be flexible.

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    1. Thank you Corinne. I think I know what you mean…I am beginning to relook my views to assess if I actually am what I think I am. Introspections, to help me be a better person!


  3. I love the three lessons, Esha. I’m rigid too sometimes though when I realise I try to change myself. It’s very important to be grounded and open to change, else life becomes more difficult than it needs to be.

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    1. Thank you Nabanita. I think unconsciously we tend to be rigid to our beliefs but I feel being flexible and open to another’s point of view always opens up more room for a better understanding of any situation.


  4. I love looking at trees, especially the ones that grow all twisted and crooked. They tell me a story about themselves, and in that, they teach me things like being rock solid in your views, not changing or bending because of the forces of nature and the world around you. And, to stay firm, despite all the bashings you receive from the world.

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