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For the Monday Musings post today, I’m sharing a Haiku that I wrote some time back.

I love to think of women as strong powerful individuals who have the life force within them to keep going against the odds. The irony of it all lies in the fact that even though the society we live in, praises the strong woman for her resilience and her will to fight back without submitting to the powers that be, glorifying her when she speaks out her mind and flexes her muscles, often that very same society also derides the woman for being too obstinate and unyielding, for being too much, for reminding others where they belong to, for being better than ‘them’ in many ways.

A strong woman does not need her knight in shining armour. She can BE one. What do you think?


Source: Pixabay


She mourned alone,

Wincing in pain, her soul sought

the sword, not the knight.


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