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ac3b7e8bf43e877769e5e27fbf716cc2Last Friday, I was woken up by a rather strange dream. It must have been around 3 in the morning. Everything else stood still in those wee hours, except the ticking of the clock. It was difficult to tell if this was real or a dream. I remember telling myself that it must be my instinct, which had crept up to me at odd hours– I had just seen A in high fever, and J and I were talking about keeping him home for the day even though his exams were commencing from the day itself. 

Seeing one’s child ill is the last thing that one can ever brush aside. I reached for my glass of water and admonished myself for worrying too much. After all, A was fine. He had been working very hard, off-late and staying up on most nights until midnight because of the school revisions the following day. He seemed fine the night before.

And, just then, as if to validate my own thinking that things were indeed fine, I thought of checking on him. That’s when it dawned on me. I had touched a burning forehead, burning with high fever. The thermometer showed 102.8. I was forewarned in my dream. I immediately reached for the paracetamol and poured out water to get a sleepy 12-year-old to pop the pill. It was a very timely move. We just had enough hours to let his fever subside before we could take a call about sending him to school. Say what you will, but a mother’s impulse to protect her child appears to be hard-wired into her brain. I definitely believe in that. It has happened to me time and again. I have no qualms to admit, that on most occasions, I actually depend on my instincts to guide me out of a crisis. It works for me. I feel self-assured when I do so. Do you also feel the same?

I’m pretty sure we all have these moments at some point in our lives. What would you say? Do dreams speak to you?


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