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I’m happy to join in for #FridayReflections after a longish break. The prompt was very interesting and since I hadn’t done anything like this before, I jumped in, excitedly. It isn’t always that you get to do this as a grown-up and I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed compiling this list.

As I started jotting things down, I went down memory lane and recalled the school years, when we wrote totally random little-known facts about ourselves in what we called memory books of our friends, before we left to pursue higher studies in different cities, hoping we would be remembered and perhaps someday, meet again. This was a sort of keepsake those days before the advent of social media or mobile phones to help us stay connected. Except for the snail mail, we had no connection whatsoever during those days. We’ve certainly come a long way since those days. Today, thanks to social media, that keeps a tab on us 24/7, people know a great deal more about us. And, yet, I guess, there are things that are worth sharing with others so that we get to know each other a little better. Anyway, without digressing further, let me get on with the facts.

These 21 random facts are so typically me. Read on, laugh if you will, or be amused, but, this is me, warts and all, far from perfect.

  1. Born in a little town called Digboi in Assam, I’ve lived in so many places all my life, that I cannot say I belong to any one place in particular.
  2. I always see myself as an ‘individual’ first and a ‘woman’ later.
  3. One thing I can’t live without is my independence.
  4. I love being close to nature and am at my happiest when I’m close to the ‘terra firma’.
  5. For someone with two left feet, I’ve always dreamt of being a ballet dancer as a child. (Funny, no?)
  6. I’ve never been drunk, though I have been tipsy once (and I loved it! :D)
  7. I usually always end my meal with something savoury, as I’m not a great fan of anything sweet. (Shocking, right? That’s typically me!)
  8. I always prefer to live in a west-facing house/apartment, which lets me have a view of the sky at sunset! (You have no idea what house-hunting means for someone like me. Jay could tell you more on this :D)
  9. Water is my favourite drink. Surprised? (Can easily do 14-16 glasses happily a day. 🙂
  10. I suffer from a severe case of claustrophobia and it gets worse when I’m traveling. (Don’t ever mention the middle berth in a three-tier compartment of a train !!)
  11. I do enjoy my moments of solitude, whenever I find them.
  12. I love to gift books to people, even when I know they don’t read, with the hope of converting non-readers into readers (rarely works !!!)
  13. A messy house always throws me into a tizzy!
  14. I find great joy in de-cluttering and even greater joy in giving away things to people who might have some use for them.
  15. My first love has always been the one and only Gregory Peck. (Can’t believe I just put that in!).
  16. I have a terrible fear of driving, which I hope to overcome someday.(See, I never give up hope :D)
  17. I start off with many great ideas but do not always see them through completion.(Realising this is easy, the tough part is changing!)
  18. I cannot stand people who talk down to others, are rude, have vile tempers  or interfere in other people’s lives. The last category in particular.
  19. I am very possessive of my humble collection of books.
  20. I’d prefer to have a few good friends to spend an evening with, rather than go partying with a crowd. (No hesitation confessing to this!)
  21. I never get bored of watching the old films – especially the Black and White and sepia prints of the  Hollywood and Indian classics.


Felt great jotting down this list. Wouldn’t you wish to have some fun too? Go ahead. It’s very simple. Write your post on 21 random things about yourself and share it with the rest of us! 🙂

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