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(For Day Four of the Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe from July 10 to July 16, 2016, I’m writing another 100-word story that takes a brief glance at how relationships are changing today.)


“What does he say, Ashima?”, quizzed Shiv.

“Oh, trying to remember Neil’s favourite colour”, said Ashima, getting ready for office. “His message says- send something warm, Ma. If possible, my favourite colour.”

“What else…?”


“Let’s visit him this weekend, na, and drop the stuff?”

“That’s the problem. Do you remember his favourite colour, Shiv?”

“How’d I know that? He was with you last summer holidays. I was travelling, remember?”

“But, he hardly spoke….and I had my work…and my meetings…”, an upset Ashima replied.

“We’ll reach by noon if we set off now, shall we?”, asked Shiv.

Hopefully, it wasn’t too late.


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