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A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

Last year, it was around this time, that I first came across the #A-Z Challenge. I was busy taking my baby steps as a blogger then, hoping to get a grip on the writing schedule, which was such a herculean task. Obviously, therefore, the last thing on my mind would have been a daily blogging challenge. But, then I read a few posts and I found it rather interesting. As a matter of fact, I got lured by it, to the point that I quietly resolved to take it up, even if only to test the waters…and find out if it was as exciting as everyone made it out to be! I am so glad I did!

Overall, it was an experience that I truly enjoyed, even if it drove me insane at times and utterly breathless, as I juggled, home, work, a 11 year-old on vacation and elderly parents who needed attention and care all at the same time. To add to it, my home help was also away for almost a week leaving me wondering why I was so foolhardy not to have anticipated all this (How could I forget there’s Murphy’s Law always at work, at times like this!!!) But, I had signed up and had committed to the challenge and my resolve was not to be shaken so easily. I persisted. Thankfully, better sense prevailed and I stuck to it.

The month of April went by like a roller-coaster, with my thoughts and emotions taking me for a ride, and me, all the while, waiting for something exciting to show up. Since I had not scheduled many posts in advance, after the smooth sailing ended by the first week, I was only able to take my posts two at a time, occasionally posting a day later. Did I tell you, I absolutely loved my theme – Pins on the Map of my Memory, which was about places with a special connect taking me through my personal journeys. I loved recounting the incidents associated with each of the places, where I had once lived or had the opportunity to travel to. Going down memory lane, more like!

And for being able to do this, a huge credit goes out to my mom to whom I remain eternally grateful. Her unflinching support and help that came in handy throughout the month to ensure that I could tap into my keyboard, undisturbed, at a stretch to get those posts out on time. As always, a zillion things to be thankful for, where mom is concerned! She has always been my anchor and refuge in crises!

When I had initially set off at the beginning of April, I had no clue how I was going to keep up with so much reading and commenting every day for an entire month!!! But, that’s why this challenge was so interesting because it made me push my boundaries and re-prioritise my work schedule to make sure that deadlines were met and eventually, I came out of it alive!

As a final note, I must admit, that I had an amazing journey during this time discovering new blogger friends and their awesome blogs. I enjoyed the great time, followed on adventures, read many exciting and engaging stories, and, most of all, made many new friends. Not bad at all for a first-time experience. My only regret: I wish I had more time to read many more blogs! But, I am now catching up on my reading as I take a month-long break to attend to my offline duties and the growing demands of family.

Blogging is great but life is way bigger than that. This moment will pass by but the memories will egg me on…another year…and another challenge…I am ready for the next one 🙂