The Little Glass Bottle

It’s Saturday again and another interesting #100 Words on Saturday# prompt for the week by Corinne from Write Tribe: This time it is a picture prompt (seen in the image below). As always, I am tempted to write because of the 100-word limit which makes the thought easier but the task difficult as always!

(This post is dedicated to all those friends whose kids have flown the nest and who are starting to adjust to a new way of life, in the light of the knowledge that they spent their best years, in the best possible way, dedicated to their children. It also happens to be a time, when, both, for parents and their children, life assumes a much deeper significance towards self-actualisation. Like Tara, and many like her, life will mean a new beginning, in their quest for new ways of finding fulfillment.)


Tara was up at five again. The alarm was switched off, but the body clock couldn’t break out of her habit of years when she had to send off her son to school every morning. The bird had already flown off the nest, but Tara was unable to break her habit of waking up before the crack of dawn.

It has been almost two weeks since Vishy started college. Tara glanced at the calendar, to see when they would drive down to see him next. Her throat choked at the thought of having to spend the next four years without him in the house! Veena had warned, “Get busy Tara….this will be tough otherwise…”

Tara recalled those years, when she’d leave the bed unmade at times or the house in a mess, if need be, to take those extra moments to spend with Vishy. Today, she was thankful for the memories.

Absent-mindedly, she pulled the drawer open, and behold, right before her was a box, with a little glass bottle filled with tiny brightly-coloured mirror pieces.

As she began to sift through the box, Tara thought to herself, ‘It’s never too late to start over’. A faint smile now spread across her face!

20 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Corinne fro stopping by! Haven’t reached there, yet, I feel I’m living it through my friends who are going through this! More strength to all the moms out there…and of course,
    dads too 🙂


    1. True, time flies even before we realise it’s gone! The good part is we can fill in the ‘unforgiving minute’ with some wonderful memories to cherish​ forever! Glad to see you stop by at Soul Talk 🙂


    1. So glad to see you drop by…yes, you probably know the feeling very well.
      I do agree it’s important to be an individual too, besides being a mom 😊


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